Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti. We are going to discuss here what is a blog and how do we differentiate it from a website.

It is a website or a part of the website.

A blog (a truncation of “weblog”)[1] is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). – Wikipedia

In the past two decades blogs have developed from personal diaries to information centers to Business centers. They started their journey as personal diaries in the ’90s. By the end of the decade, they were the information centers. Every google search for a piece of information would result in a new post.

Different Parts of a Blog


The content you post on the blog that offers some value to the reader is called a post. It may include text, images, videos, gifs, or anything. It should be providing any kind of value for the search the reader had made. Basically, when the user wants to find a solution to his problem or product to purchase all the SERP’s are considered content.

The content which is provided on a blog for the user is called a blog post. Now if you want a some help on how to create a awesome content then read my post “A Complete Guide on How to Create Awesome Content.


This is the part where the reader leaves his comments to give his reviews or start a conversation with the post author. This is basically the most essential part of the blog. Here the reader has a chance to post his views, his suggestions, or start a conversation with the author about the post.

This is the where the reader and the author can start a interaction.


These can be links to other blog posts or other websites. These links can be in one of the following form.

  • Affiliate Links: These are the links to other websites where the reader can buy something and you will be paid a small commission for the product. there are many affiliate websites that offer products to showcase on your blog. when the reader clicks on such links he is redirected to other webpages and when and if he makes a purchase you are paid a small commission for the same.
  • Internal Links: These are the links to other posts on your own blog. When a reader comes to your blog to find specific information. At that time you can give him a choice to click on a link. This link redirects the user to other posts for some additional information.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are the same as internal Links. But Backlinks are the links to other people’s posts. When you offer the reader some additional information but that information is not on your blog. At that time you redirect him to other people’s blogs. it is a good practice to let the other person that you are using his post to provide additional value to your reader. Most of the cases the other blogger has no objection as he is getting free traffic from that link.

So let’s see the differences between a blog and a website.


A blog is regularly updated as compared to the website. A Website shows static content which is the same for all the users, whereas a blog updates the content according to the requirements of the user. A blog basically has to take the user to the next stage while the website has static information for all the users. To understand the different stages of the user you can read my post “Why Content is the Fuel in Sales Funnel?”


The interaction between a user and a website is the same. The website shows the same content and has the same process for everyone, whereas a blog has a different interaction with everyone. A website shows the given information and then the user has to proceed to the next given state and this is the interaction between the two.

Whereas in a blog after getting the required information the user can interact with the blogger. By starting a conversation with the blogger through comments. He can click on an internal link to find more information or click on a backlink to get redirected to other people’s sites. Here the reader has a choice to find more information from other posts related to his query or something else he finds.

Now you are on my blog and when you are done with reading this post you have different choices. You can go to another post, click on the backlink or an internal link or click an affiliate link or post a comment which can further start a conversation between us. But on a website like an amazon you have to go in find the product and then purchase and pay. Now you can see the products and not buy but you do have no other choice.

Search Engine Friendly

A blog is more search engine friendly compared to a website. A blog is regularly updated and the search engines today would like to show updated and quality content to the user. Just feeding the quality keywords will be of no help to you to get traffic. But to get quality traffic one has to publish quality content regularly. Whereas a website shows static content, no updates, no new content so the blog is the new friend of the search engines.

Types of Blog


These are the blogs that were created for his personal use. These kinds of blogs were used as a personal diary. This is the oldest type of blog when blogs were only used for personal blogging only – it was just a hobby and not a profession.


These are the kinds of the blog which are created by the businesses. With the help of a blogger or a team of bloggers just to promote a business. Business Blogging helps to educate the user about the product. Then these blogs help them make a decision in the purchase they always wanted to do.


A niche blog is a blog that focuses on a single niche. A blogger gives all the information he can about a single topic. These kinds of blogs are basically made to target a specified type of audience. These blogs are not for everyone. Like a food blog, travel blog, etc..


Theses blogs are created around some affiliate products. The purpose of these blogs is to educate the customer about the product and persuade them to click on the given link and eventually making them buy the product. These blogs are basically niche affiliate blogs selling or promoting products related to a single niche.


I hope you find this post interesting. Please comment on what you liked the most and what you like to read more about? Here are a few tips for you for your blog.

  • Always stick to a single niche. The readers come to your blog to read about one topic only. Don’t go wide on your topic.
  • Post regularly. Publish as much as quality content you can. The reader will come back to read them.
  • Don’t Overcrowed your front page with affiliate links and ‘subscribe to’ box. No one likes more than needed ads. This will scare off your readers.
  • Try to keep your blog as clean as possible. A clean blog will attract more readers and is usually more reader-friendly. add a simple clean theme.
  • Blogging is fun if you do it correctly, so ENJOY