Backlinks are links that bring traffic from other blogs. These are the most important part of Off-Page SEO. Let’s understand below what are backlinks and why do we need them?

Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti and we are going to talk about Backlinks and why do we need backlinks? So Backlinks are the links which bring the audience from other blogs or site through a link which we have provided to the owner of that site. Backlinks are created as a sign of respect towards someone or his blog. When we do the same it is called an external link. That is when we provide a link to our audience which would redirect them to some other blog.

The reason for doing the same should be that we feel we can provide more value to the reader with the content in some other blog. This link building is called Backlinks and building backlinks is a great SEO practice. The more quality backlinks help in SEO our blog. The more quality backlinks we have the higher our site will rank in the Google search result page.

Why Do we need Backlinks?

  1. The first and foremost advantage of Backlinks is that it helps in SEO optimization. Quality backlinks can increase the ranking of your site in Google SERP.
  2. Other than increased ranking Backlinks help in getting more traffic. Whenever we give a backlink to another blog, a whole new set of the audience gets there eyes on that link. If your anchor text works properly then it can help get a great amount of traffic to your site.
  3. One other benefit is if you can insert your brand name in the anchor text than the reader might come back directly to your site. He may not come at that time but he may come back after some time. So backlinks can be great for Brand Building.
Benifits of Backlinks - Art 2 Blog
Benifits of Backlinks – Art 2 Blog

Backlinks are an important name when we are talking about SEO. But there is something which we should keep in mind while creating Backlinks for a great SEO result. Let’s Discuss a few

Unique and Quality Backlinks

There was this site Get rich slowly. A well-known site which a huge amount of Backlinks in their database. Now comes a new website Penny Hoarders. Penny Hoarders does not have as many Backlinks as Get Rick Slowly but the quality of the Backlinks was better. So Penny hoarder was able to rank itself higher in Google compared to get rich slowly.

Now, what are quality backlinks? These links are from the site whose Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness was higher than other sites. Few in number Backlinks from such sites are more effective than huge no of Backlinks from a site with low E-A-T. To know a bit more about E-A-T you can read, “Guide to off-page SEO.

A low ranking link is also important because it also draws traffic to your blog. Sure Google ranking is not being helped out but should always remember that bringing traffic is also important.

Domain score

There is a thing we say Domain score. The higher the domain score the higher is the authority of your blog. Domain score is dependent on lot of factors but will discuss them some other day. Here we are going to discuss what will be the effect of domain score on Backlinks.

Domain Score of Facebook using Ubersuggest - Art 2 Blog
Domain Score of Facebook using Ubersuggest – Art 2 Blog

The more Backlinks from the high domain score website are more effective than the one with low domain score. To check your domain score you can go to ubersuggest and see the domain score of the page. It is ranked between 1-100. The higher the domain score the better domain authority of the site and it’s backlink.

We can understand in another way. If you are feeling sick and go to the hospital. There a nurse recommends you go home and rest whereas the doctor asked to get medicines. Who would you listen to? Obviously, the doctor because he has a higher authority than that of a nurse. The same way the authority of a higher ranking domain page is above the low ranking page. You should always check the domain score of the Backlinks sites to know which link to locate at prime position.

Same niche Backlinks

Backlinks from same niche or matching niches are more effective than the ones with no similarity. An audience who is on a site to read about say dog food or pet store is very less likely to click on the link of SEO. There is no similarity between these two sites.

We should make links with the site within Digital your niche or closely related to your niche. It’s just like buying fries with coke. Both are not related but they in hand with each other. These are more relevant sites and have the same or close Niche. The audience of these sites will be interested in seeing the content from other sites. The Backlinks from nonrelevant sites will not be that much value.


Always create a strategy to achieve your goals. We all have goals in our mind. Just pen them down and now make the strategy to achieve these goals. Your strategy should tell you what is your next step. If you want to read more about achieving goals then you can read my other post, “7 Steps to Set and Achieve your Goals”. Creating a Strategy is the only way to achieve a goal. While creating a strategy for link building you have to make sure that you get to know the site you want to get the backlinks from. What you can offer to the site owners that they can give you a link. I am not talking about money but vale. Offer some great value content, infographics, or any great value information to the site owner.

Always device a strategy - Art 2 Blog
Always device a strategy – Art 2 Blog

Many people never contact these site owners thinking that these are some big hot shots they will never give us the backlinks. But this is wrong thinking. Those big hotshots were in your position at some time in there life and are always happy to help. But you have to show them that you can provide great value to there readers. they have the responsibility of there readers and they will not redirect them to your site until unless they are assured that you can provide great value to them.

The next strategy can be to be consistent. If the world is going to end tomorrow and you have a posting scheduled today then you have to do it. Consistency is the main reason your audience is coming to you. And this will create a repo for you in the market and then the backlinks will automatically come to. But this process takes time and if you want to get recognized now then go create some links with those authority sites.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text which is displayed to the audience to click on. This text is of great importance. It is called anchor text for a reason. The anchor is something that hooks the ship to its position and does not allow the ship to move. The same way anchor text is a text which grabs the reader’s attention. And it should be so intimate that the reader could not keep his mouse off it. This click brings the reader to your site. An anchor text can be one of the following

Anchor Text - Art 2 Blog
Anchor Text – Art 2 Blog

I. Title

Anchor text is mostly made up of the title of the post you want the reader to be redirected to. I personally think that it is great. A title is supposed to be the reflection of your content. you should always provide what you have promised in your content. This will increase the value of your content and your blog in the eyes of the reader. And when you place such a text as a backlink anchor text it is bound to produce results.

II. Keywords

Inserting keywords to your content in an anchor text is great. But don’t overdo it. On the other hand, if the Keywords are placed properly at the right point, it can tell Google a lot about the content. Google likes it and will help you again in placing higher on Google. But when we overdo it Google considers the link a span and will degrade the ranking in Google.

III. Branded Link

These links use the brand name as the anchor text. These brands are reputed brands and are demanded by people. They get the click just by there brand name regardless of what content they are offering. These brands have worked hard and created a reputation that they only provide quality content.


People use URLs in links. Nowadays URLs are themselves very descriptive and tell a lot about the content. But I personally think it to be good practice. These links work fine but personally, a link between a text does not give an appeal.

V. Image Links

Image links are also very beneficial. These images are mostly infographics. These images in itself provide a lot of value to the reader. The reader likes these images and is more likely to click them until and unless they provide great value to the reader.

VI. Generic links.

Generic links are the links that are like “Click Here”. These links do not provide any sort of information about the content. These links do not work that great.

These are the links i could think of. if you have any other links that you could think then please write in the comments.

Social Media Links

These are the links that we supply in social media. they can be the links that the reader who appreciated your content and shared it con social media. These links are not of great value if we consider them as backlinks. These links will never of any value to Google when ranking your content in Google SERP. But these links are of great value when we consider the traffic coming from them. At the end of the day, traffic is the most important thing in blogging.

Social Media for Backlinks - Art 2 Blog
Social Media for Backlinks – Art 2 Blog


A backlink is most effective when it is placed between the body of the content. Placing a backlink in the sidebar or in the header footer part is not that effective. According to the study, only 20% o your readers see the bottom of the page. And these are the people who read the whole post. Remaining 80% just scans the headings of the post. So if the backlink is placed at the bottom of the sidebar it is easily missed by most of the readers. so if you could get a backlink in the middle of the content then it would be great.


Backlinks are great for SEO. I hope now you understand what are backlinks and why do we need them? They are the best practice to do when it comes to off-page SEO. Creating backlinks is very important. We need those backlinks from authority sites. So what are you doing to get those backlinks to your site? Plz comment any questions, Suggestions and if you liked the post please share and comment.