What does the above title mean.”To understand your customer know your customer”. This means that if you want to understand what your customer needs then you have to know who is your customer.

Hi my name is Vinayak and today we are going to talk about who is your customer and How to know what he needs? Before we start with that you have to ask yourself Why do I need to know my customer? Well everybody is out there selling something. You, me, and everybody. Some are selling a product and some are selling service. All is good when you are getting sales, sales, sales. But where do you get those sales from? From customers. So we are going to divide this post into three parts

  • Mass Marketing
  • How to connect with your customer
  • Who is your customer

Mass Marketing

So before talking about mass marketing let’s understand what is marketing. Well I think marketing is a process of building trust. You can offer a great deal but the customer will not buy from you until he has trust in you and your product. So mass marketing is the process of creating mass trust. When a whole group of people trusts you, you are ready to buy your products from you that’s what we call mass trust.

To Understand your Customer Know your Customer - Art 2 Blog
Mass Marketing – Mass Trust – Art 2 Blog

Have you ever bought an iPhone on its release date? These apple people always release a product at midnight. And you can see people standing outside there store hours before the sale starts. This is mass trust. All these people are ready to buy the new Apple iPhone without seeing it, without seeing its reviews. They have trust in their product that they stand outside the stores for hours to buy a product.

When you are able to reach a point when you don’t have to go and find customers that is the point at which you have created the mass trust of the market in your brand. To create mass trust you need to connect to the customers. And to connect with your customers you have to know how to connect with your customers.

How to connect with your customers?

To connect with your customer you again need marketing. But here marketing is not creating trust, here marketing is a good conversation. Marketing takes different shapes in different parts of the business. But if we have to talk in a broader sense then marketing is the process of dealing and communicating with customers.

To Understand your Customer Know your Customer - Art 2 Blog
Connect with your customer – Art 2 Blog

We have to deal with the customer to create trust and communicate with the customer to connect. To connect with the customer we need good conversation so we can say that marketing is also a good conversation.

So to be a good marketer you have to be able to be good at communication. It does not mean that you have to be good in English but you have to be able to communicate with the customer. This means you should know what your customer wants to hear, what his problems are, and how you can solve them. There are many tools to rectify your English but you should have good communication skills to be a good marketer.

Here are a few tips to be able to communicate better with your audience:

I. Be Authentic to communicate better

Your audience is interested in your product. That is why he is reading or communicating with you. Whether it is a sales pitch or a product/service info. You do not have to pretend to be a high-class marketing genius. All you have to do is genuine.

Ne likes to meet someone who is pretending to be someone else. All you need to do is be genuine. A genuine person is liked by everyone. A fake person may get a one time sale but will always lose his customer. So never pretend to be something you are not. This will not only help you to be a better salesman but also help you be a better marketer.

II. Be open-minded

You cannot assume that you are always right. yes, You can be wrong sometimes. You have to keep an open mind. Always believe in yourself but don’t be stubborn. Never underestimate others. Someone else might have something better than you can offer. Always keep an open mind and listen to everyone. Believe me this will make you a better marketer.

IV. Mental Conversation

Always talk to the customer in your mind first. Before writing that email to a customer always think about what your customer might be thinking. What his problem is and what you can offer him that would help him solve his problem. A mental conversation will help you understand your customer more. Try to be in his shoes. Always write to a customer assuming that he is sitting in front of you and you are talking to him. This will help your communication improve.

V. 1 to 1 Conversation.

When you are writing to your customer assume he is there right in front of you and you are talking to him. You know what his problems are and you are providing him his solutions. Your advice, thoughts, solutions are always welcomed. A few might think that your solutions are not for him but don’t let that stop you from writing. Always keep writing you don’t know there is someone out there who can only be touched by your words and he is waiting for those words.

Writing 1 to 1 Conversation will always give you a better result this is a reason why I think email marketing is better than Social media marketing. By social media marketing you might reach millions but with email marketing you can touch your audience right in the heart.

VI. Simple Communication

A simple Communication is always appreciated. No one there to check your English so don’t use those heavy words which no one can understand. You need to reach a common man and the best way to do that is to use his language. Always write in the language your audience can understand. Never use those high-fy words no one understands. A simple plain language that everyone can understand will be like music to your audience compared to something he can’t understand.

Who is your customer?

Most of the marketers don’t care who their customers are. They neglect them before and even after the sales. Any time they care about them is only when they are making a purchase. Never do that. Always try to understand your customer. Knowing your customer better than they do is the key to marketing. So how can you understand who is your Custer and more importantly what his problems are?

To Understand your Customer Know your Customer - Art 2 Blog
Who is your customer – Art 2 Blog

I. Customer Engagement

Engage your audience in a conversation. Talk to your audience. Try to make the comment at the end of every post what he likes, what he didn’t. Create surveys that would help you help him. Create an interest in communicating with you about what he wants.

If you get to know your customer right, then it is the source of customer insight. There are other ways to do so. Interact with your customer service team, calla selected customers who call in for complaints. Talking to a customer who has complaints can be a great source for improving your product/service. A complaint is always an insight into what is wrong with our product and if properly handled can tell you a great deal about your audience.

When engaging with your audience at that time you should always remember to:

  • Ask their opinions. Never impose what you think. Instead of asking ‘What you liked the most about us’ ask ‘Where would you like us to improve’.
  • Use Simple language. Never use those heavy words or official terminology which your customer might not know. Always use simple language. It will not only be pleasing to the customer but will also help customer to relate to you.
  • Focus on one problem. Now when you are talking to a customer, in a survey or on a phone call. Always try and discuss only one problem. Don’t make your surveys or calls to lengthy. No one has that much time for you.

II. Analyse your customer

Now we have a great no of tools that can help us analyze the customer. These tools not only tell you what your customer has been looking where, but will always tell you a lot more than that.

We can use analytics to see where our customers came from? what was is that he was looking for? How much time he spent on our blog? What all pages or posts he saw? Did he shared, liked, or commented? Now we can always use this data to improve ourselves.

We can use Google webmaster tool to know what all keywords drive traffic to our site. We can again use Google analytics tools to gather insight on How to create strong website experience. Using all these tools will help you know a great deal about your target audience and will help you even more.

I did a survey about the people who are want to be bloggers but are not because of one fear or the other. So I created a customer persona. A persona is I names all my customer by one name and analyze all those surveys and find out the root cause of my target audience.

Let’s me share the result of all those people with you. Just to be clear how to select your target audience.

  • Name: Keeping it secret
  • Email: again keeping it secret
  • Age: they were all in the age group of 25-45
  • Sex: males and females both
  • Which city do you live in: mostly everyone was from tire 1 city
  • What do you do for a living: 30% were doing business and rest jobs.
  • Hobbies: included reading, traveling, cooking
  • Do you do blogging: 66% percent said interested but not yet started.
  • Do you consider blogging as a career: 100% said yes.
  • If you want to blog and have not started then why? : I got 33% saying ‘ Did not have the time’ next 33% saying ‘My English is not good’ and remains to say ‘I don’t think anyone is interested in listening to my opinion’

This helped me in knowing my customer. Let’s say his/her name is X

X’s age is between 25-45. He is from tire 1 city. He is working for a living( job or business). X likes to travel, read, and cook. He considers blogging as a career but is not pursuing it. Because he has a fear of English or thinks his opinions will not be listened to or thinks he did not have the time. Now I promote my audience to blog and these people have given an insight into why they have not starting to blog. I have to write for this audience now.


Communicating with an audience is the most important part of marketing because without doing so no one can ever understand who their audience is and what are their problems. I hope you find this post insightful. Please comment on your thoughts on the topic.