How to start a blog? Many ask this question but there are still some who ask if this the right time to start the blog. In other words, they are asking “Should I start a Blog”. You can click the link and have the answer.

start a blog

Now if you are ready to start a blog lets dig in.

From Starting a blog to making a carrier from a blog can be described in a few steps:

  1. Select your niche
  2. Buy a Hosting at Hostinger and get a domain name
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Buy, install, and set up a theme.
  5. Start Blogging by posting your first post.
  6. Choose one of the ways to start making money from the Blog.

You are all done. So are you ready to discuss each and every step in detail with me? This is going to be a long post so clear up your schedule and let’s start

Select your niche

For all those who don’t know niche is the subject, you have to blog about. It can be anything. Anything you have interest in. Anything you can keep writing for a long time without getting bored. So choose wisely. A good niche should answer yes in all the following questions:

  1. Are you interested in it?
  2. Are there any other people who are looking for the same topic?
  3. Can you monetize it?

Don’t worry we will discuss each one

Are you interested in it? You should always select a niche in which you have an interest. You can read and write on the topic anytime without getting bored.

You should be able to talk about the topic whenever and as long as necessary. Without proper knowledge and interest in the subject, you will never be able to write on your niche and will fail.

Having knowledge and having an interest are two different things. You can have knowledge but you also need to have the interest to stay on the topic.

Having knowledge and interest in the topic will keep you on the edge to create new content and help you start full-time blogging as a career.

Are there any other people looking for the topic? The topic can be interesting and attractive to you but you need to know if there are people who are looking for the topic over the internet. If you don’t have an audience then for whom are you creating the content.

An empty theater is of no use. But how to know if there is an audience waiting for your act. Go to google and search your niche.

Start a blog - Find your niche

OK, Now the niche Digital Marketing has these many posts. So there is a good number of posts so there must be a good number of readers on the subject. what is the count on your niche? Write in comments.

Next you can go to Ubersuggest and search your niche over there.

Start a blog- Search Niche on Ubersuggest

Here you can see that niche Digital Marketing has a high search volume which means that people are searching for this term. So this niche can be worked on.

You can also use this tool to have keyword ideas and content ideas. You can also see the top search results for the topic and see what your competition is doing and have a great idea about your market.

Sometimes people get nervous by seeing these numbers. If the number is high then there must be many people writing on the same topic. Who will read my blog? Don’t worry. There is always someone who is interested to read what you have to offer.

But there is a catch. They are interested in reading what you have written only if you are providing value to them. This is the mantra for blogging. “Stay consistent and provide value”

Can you Monetize it? This is a big question. If you are starting a blog as a career then this is the main point you need to answer. There are different ways you can monetize your blog. Here are a few of them:

  1. Get Business by helping people.
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling ad space
  4. Making a digital product and selling it through your blog.
  5. Creating courses and selling them to your followers
  6. Create Online store

These are a few of the ways. But these are the most popular ones.

Niche = Interest + Knowledge + Audience + Monetization

Buy a Hosting at Hostinger and get a domain name

Now you know your niche so you need to start your blog. Click the link and get a hosting and a domain name.

Hostinger is one of the most popular hosting services out there. and now I am going to tell you why I suggest hostinger for the hosting and domain name.

Buy Hostinger for hosting
  1. 70% Off Hostinger always provides the best rate in the market. It is the cheapest hosting provider in the market.
  2. Easy to setup: Taking your website live with hostinger is very simple.
  3. Speed: Speed is one of the most important factors in SEO today and hostinger keeps it in mind. They provide a top-notch speed for every site.
  4. WordPress: Start your website with a one-click of WordPress installation.
  5. Support: They have 24X7X365 chat support to assist you with any difficulty you are facing with the hosting service.
  6. User Friendly: They have a very user-friendly control panel that will assist you in setting up your site.
  7. Moneyback: they have a 30 days money-back guarantee for all those who are not satisfied with the service.
  8. Free Domain and SSL certificate: They are currently providing free domain names and an SSL certificate with every hosting service they are selling. The offers can process tends to change with time so you are requested to please check the current price and schemes available on the services before you buy one.

Now if you are satisfied and are ready to buy your hosing get up and buy one.

Best Hosting in town

Extra Tip: After you have selected the plan and are finalized your purchase. Before paying install the Honey Chrome extension and use it to get an extra discount and get a better price.

Installing WordPress

Now you have bought the hosting so firstly I would like to say congratulations. You have just started to work for your dream, for your career, and for yourself. Now the next step is to install WordPress on your website.

But why WordPress. Well, WordPress is one of the main website builders that are there in the market. More than 30% of the website today are made in WordPress. It is the easiest and most convenient website designer that is there in the market.

Now let’s start. You first go to the control panel of your website. There is a login button on the top right side of the hostinger home page. Click it. The login page will open. fill it with the details you selected while buying the hosting and log in.

After login click manages for your hosting. In the next window look for Auto Installer. Now again in the next window click the select button below the WordPress icon.

Now in the next window fill all the details and click install. And BOOM your WordPress website is ready.

in the address bar with the domain name of your website followed by”/wp-admin” and your site backed will open. Now you are in the backend of your WordPress website. You can install themes, create posts, design your website all over here.

Installing a theme

there are many free themes that WordPress is offering. If you are just starting then I would recommend that you install one of those themes. You should keep an eye on a few things before you select a theme for your website.

  1. Simplicity is always demanded: Always try and make a simple website that is easy to understand. A website that is not simple and confuses a reader on what to do next or how to reach a page will always have a low engagement rate. Google sees it as a negative point and ranks you low on the search engine result page.
  2. Mobile optimized: Today most of the websites are viewed on mobile. 90% of the search being made are from mobile. So there is a major chance that the reader of your website or your audience will search you on mobile. So having a mobile-optimized theme will always help you get a better ranking in the search engine.
  3. Compatibility: Just check if the theme you have selected is compatible with all the browsers that are out there. New or old. You don’t know which browser will your audience choose to visit your site. So select a theme that is optimized for all browsers.
  4. Speed optimized. Theme plays a very important role in the speed of the website. And a low-speed website will appear on the first page of the search engine result page(SERP). So I would recommend that you select a fast-speed theme.
  5. Reviews and rating: The best way to check a theme is to check the reviews and rating of themes. Always check the reviews and select a five-star rating theme. for your blog. Just remember that you are not only starting a blog you are starting a career.

It is hard to just get all the features in a free theme. So if you are still going for a free theme look for as many as features possible but if you can afford a paid theme then I would recommend that you see a few themes here.

If you choose to buy a paid theme then click here. they have a vast variety of themes and they are very nice looking and fast.

Generate Press - Art 2 Blog

Start Blogging

Congratulations you are ready to create your first post. Now you are ready to blog. Blogging is easy and rewarding if you do it right. Here are a few tips to help your blog.

  1. Always go for the Long tail keywords. If you are selling a product like a jacket. Don’t just aim for a jacket. there are many people aiming for a jacket. be more specific. you are selling say a Blue plain jacket. this keyword will get you better results. Because everyone is trying to aim for a jacket but very few people are aiming for a blue plain jacket. So try and aim for long-tail keywords.
  2. Always write like you are talking to your audience. You are not here writing an essay for a class. you are creating content that could help someone in need. so stop creating essays and start talking to your audience. create content in such a manner like you are talking to your audience. This type of content is highly appreciated by everyone, which makes them feel that the content is not a class lecture but a fiend talking to them.
  3. Always write for one person. When creating content just create an image of the person for whom you are creating content. What would his age be, what his interests are, why is he here, what are his problems, etc. just give your audience an image of a single person and now write the content for him? Write it in a manner that he is sitting in front of you and you are talking to him.
  4. Write what your audience wants to read. It is a common mistake many bloggers make. Create content what your audience wants to read. Not what you think your audience wants to read. try and understand your audience. If you are making assumptions then that is not good enough. Talk with the statistics, not with assumptions. But now how can you get those statistics. Simple by talking to your audience. Try and have one on one chat with your audience, make them take surveys, read their reviews, ask them to comment on what they would like next to read. try and build a connection with your audience
  5. Never copy your competition. A copy will never help you grow. You can always read your competitor’s blog to get inspired, see what’s working for him. But never copy him. Your audience is not stupid but more than that Google is not stupid and is getting smarter day by day. Google sees that your content is a copy of others and sees it as a negative point to rank you on the first page of the SERP.
  6. Write to provide value not to make money. Last but surely not the least. Provide value to the reader. When a reader comes to your blog he is willing to get some new information that could provide him value. Never create content that is not providing any value to the readers. That content will never rank in SERP.

Congratulations your first post is ready to be posted. Now when you have created your first piece of content just press that Publish button and put it online for the public to see. Now you can share it on all of social media.

Get all the things done you can to get maximum eyes on your content. Because we are at the last step and that is to make money from your blog and you can do it only if you have the audience on it reading your content.

Lets make money from blogging

Well until and unless you start making money from blogging no one will consider it as a career. Everyone will say that you are wasting your time. So let’s discuss a few ways you can start making money from Blogging

Help people and create your authority

People who own some kind of business create blogs that help them establish authority online. When people see that the blogger knows about the product or service then the people go to them to buy products/ services.

Taking an example: A lawyer starts a blog in which he answers to many people about the taxation problem they face. He uses all kinds of social media to spread his content. Now people come on his website and feel that the advice of the lawyer is helping them in there day to day life.

Now when these people will come in need of a layer in any taxation problem they would surely approach him. He has established his authority with the help of his blog and now he is making money from the clients he is getting.

This can be a very efficient method if you own a small business or are a professional. But remember the content you are creating should provide value to the reader.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simple. You sell other people’s products or services through your website and get a commission from it. Simple isn’t it. There is a number of sites that deal in affiliate marketing only.

You have to register on these sites and then they will show you their products. You choose the product which is related to your niche and then sell them on your blog. You can sell them by writing articles on the product, telling people why you prefer that product. In simple words convince people why they should buy these products.

In this method, it is recommended that you don’t do any false marketing by uplifting the product. tell the truth and the product will sell. The key here is traffic. You should have enough amount of traffic on your website.

Here are few of the top affiliate marketing sites for India:

  1. Reseller Club
  2. Amazon Affiliate
  3. Flipkart Affiliate
  4. vCommision
  5. Admitad

Selling Ad Space

This is one of the most popular ways to make money through blogging. Selling ad space means allowing other companies to put their ad on your website.

The biggest player in the market is Google Adsense. Most websites have Google Adsense accounts activated. Then Google places their ad on it and they make money when the readers approach their site. More people coming to your site means more chances of you making money. In the Online earning game you are as good as the amount of traffic coming to your site.

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products that you have created something like a wonderful and value-providing ebook for which people are ready to give money to you.

Your product should provide value to the user. The greatest asset in the digital world is a good review. The more satisfied buyer you have the more wonderful testimonials you will get. This will be proof for your future customers that the product you are selling is worth the value they are giving.

Create a course

Creating a course is a very efficient way of making money online. But for doing this you need to have a skill that others are willing to learn and are ready to pay to learn that from you.

For being a successful coach you have to show the people you have the skill. For that, you can do a demo class, free webinars. Something that would help you connect to your audience and generate sales.

Create an online store

Well if amazon is doing it why can’t you? You have hosting, a domain name, a WordPress site. Just install a woo-commerce plugin and start with the online store you always wanted. It’s not hard selling online as it is a new trend.

People in your neighborhood are also looking to buy products from you without coming to you. Create an online store and start selling. Just create a WordPress eCommerce website and if you cannot do it then you can have someone do it for you.

Create authority by posting blog posts about your products. Help people know more about your product and skills and soon you will be busy shipping orders to your customers.


Blogging can be a great career if you are ready to give time and can provide value to your reader. Create value and relationships with your readers.

The only thing you need to have is a good amount of traffic which will grow slowly if you are consistent in creating new and valuable content for your readers. Hope this post was helpful. Please

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