When someone says “Should I start a new Blog?” they get the answer “YES, it’s great, buy a domain name, finalize a niche and start blogging”. This is the reason why more than 95% of blogs fail.

Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti, and today I am going to answer your question “Should I start a New Blog?”. Let’s discuss a few points that should affect your decision to start a Blog.


The most important thing your blog needs is your time. Consider it as your baby, you have to give your time for it to grow. I am not saying that leave everything and fully dedicate yourself to it but you have to give it time. At least give it 8-10 hours a week. This is the least you have to give for your blog to grow. If you can do so you are one step closer to starting a Blog.

You have to keep your blog on the top in your mind. We think of different things in our day to day life but we should always keep our blog on the top. When we are taking any other project in hand, in-office, or at home, we have to think “Will this affect our time that we have kept for our blog?”.


Keep your greed aside. A blog is told to be the No. 1 way to make money online, but this is only for the people who are not here to make money. Yes sounds confusing but that’s the truth.

Blogging actually is for the people who want to help people by their blog. When you start a blog to make money online and did not get a good response at once you get demotivated and you stop making the efforts required for your blog.

But on the other hand, if you are here to help other people with your blog all you would want will be to help others. Get maximum eyes on what you have written. Keeping greed aside is the best thing before starting your blog.

You try different things, do experiments with your blog just so that you can help as many people as you can. You will never get demotivated and eventually start making money. It may take time but you will surely start making money online.

Know your Basics

You are as good as your knowledge. Don’t expect that you can learn while doing. Believe me, you can’t. It is the thing of the past when there was no much competition but now there are hundreds of blogs on a single topic.

Now you must have the required basic knowledge. It means you should do some basic courses available online to know the basic terms like SEO, SMM, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, etc. Plus you should be clear about your niche. If you need help to finalize your niche then read the post “How to find your Niche for a Blog”

You don’t have to be an expert in all these topics but must have a basic knowledge of all so that when you start your blog you can optimize it so that you can get positive output.


Creativity is one of the top elements you need in starting a blog. Nowadays you can find a blog on anything you need, you name it there is a blog for that. Well here is a blog to start a blog. Fashion, health, technology, food, you name it and you got it.

Nowadays one would prefer to find the required information on Google which would take you to the blog. Now here to get noticed you have to be creative. You have to write differently, present your content differently to get noticed.

Creative content will help you get noticed and the copied content will be a load on your blog. Write something creatively and get noticed. Our search engine always appreciate and reward the creative & fresh content.

Small Funding

Nothing is free today. You have to spend some money to get noticed. You have to buy a domain, get hosting. Though there are some hostings that are free those hosting will not help you at all.

Google will never put those free sites on the top of the search result which means no traffic from SEOs. Paid traffic is a rick that might or might not get the desired results hence affecting your ROI. To start a blog all you need to do is buy a hosting and a domain. As far as I am concerned you can go to Hostinger to buy the domain and hosting. it is the best and the cheapest service that I could find. Click Here for my affiliate link. if you buy from this link I would get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Should i start a Blog in 2020?


Finally, I would like to conclude that if you can make the changes in your lifestyle to start a blog than it is a great experience. In the time it will surely help you financially but it is a great experience in itself. You will feel self-confident, it will help ou the writer in you come out and you will feel many more changes when you start a blog. So lastly I would like to say that no one can answer the question – ” Should I Start a New Blog?”. The only person who can answer is you. Hope you make the right decision.

Please comment if you found this post helpful and also share it with the person who is willing to start a blog. you can always comment if you e any questions. I will surely answer it.