Createing a content may take 3-4 hours and SEO a blog post will take 10-20 minutes. But these 20 miniutes are far more imporant than the 3-4 hours you spend on creating your content.

Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti and I am here to talk on SEO Blogs and we are going to discuss 13 easy tips that will help you optimize SEO for your blog.

Before discussing that let’s have a small introduction of what SEO is for any beginners in the audience. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization process in which we optimize our content in such a way that when searched on google it ranks higher without spending any money. The main purpose of optimizing our blog is a higher rank. 67% click makes on the top 5 google search results.

Here are some stats which helps you understand why SEO is imporatnt for your blog.

  1. 31.7% chances that the Google searcher will click no one result
  2. The top result in Google search is 10 times more likely to be clicked than the 10 results.
  3. Organic CTR for positions 7-10 is virtually the same. Therefore moving up a few spots on the bottom of the first page may not result in more organic traffic.
  4. On average, moving up 1 spot in the search results will increase CTR by 30.8%. However, this depends on where you’re moving from and to. Moving from position #3 to position #2 will usually result in a significant CTR boost. However, moving from #10 #9 doesn’t make a statistically significant difference.
  5. Thanks to for analyzing 5 million Google search results to come up with these facts.

These facts clearly show that ranking on the top few positions will increase your traffic manifolds. And this is the job of SEO. To get organic traffic to your blog. Again SEO is a process of getting organic traffic from the search engine by ranking your site/ blog higher.

There are a few ethical and few unethical ways to bring your blog on the top. the ethical way is called White Hat SEO and the unethical way is called Balck Hat SEO. Obviously, we will only be discussing the White Hat SEO techniques to optimize your blog. So let’s dig in the easy tips to SEO your Blog.

1. Keyword Research.

Keyword research is very important. It should be done even before you start writing your content. There are many tools that you can use to keyword research. The best tool which I would recommend is Ubersuggest. Just open just fill in the keyword you would like to create content on, select your country/ language and click search.

On the next page you will see the search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and Cost per click(CPC). Don’t worry I will explain each and every one of these.

  1. Search Volume: This specifies the number of searches that keyword has in a month.
  2. SEO Difficulty: This specifies the approximate difficulty of competition in organic search. the higher the number more the difficulty.
  3. Paid Difficulty: It is about how much is the competition is there in paid searches. again higher the number the higher the competition.
  4. Cost per Click (CPC): It s the average cost you have to pay to google to be seen on the top of the search result as an ad. If the CPC is high the keyword is more valuable.

Now we want to choose a keyword that has a medium SEO difficulty. Because a low SEO difficulty keyword would have low search volume. This means that there are very less amount of people searching for those keywords. We want the search volume to be a few thousand for getting some viewers on the page.

Always keep your audience in mind while searching for the keyword. What the user is thinking? why is he making the search? What are his problems? What can you offer him to solve his problem? These are a few of the questions you should always keep in mind while choosing the keyword.

Now on the sidebar you have the option of keyword and content ideas. These are the great tools that help you get new ideas for the content. This is a very vast tool which if started discuss will take a lot more than a post. The last but the most important is that this tool has a free version in which you have limited access to use all the tools a number of times in a single day. If used properly then it can still be of great benefit.

2. Long tail keywords.

Should always focus on long-tail keywords. the keywords which have two or three phrases are considered as long-tail keywords. It is a great SEO Blog practice to use long-tail keywords. These keywords are easy to rank, they have less SEO difficulty and search volume can also be great.

Whenever the reader is searching for long-tail keywords than he knows what he is looking for and has an expected answer in his mind. if you can catch that keyphrase and provide the reader what he was expecting then you have convinced the google search intent. the reader is satisfied, remains on your page for reading the content. It will increase the reader session time. which are in turn good signals to Google that this page should be ranked higher.

There are some tools that can help you do this. Ever Ubersuggest keyword ideas also show some long-tail keywords. But my favorite way is going manual and looking them on google suggest and quora. Now just write a keyword that you want to focus on google and search. Google will show you the result and at the bottom, Google will show the keywords related to your search. Like when searching for cooking you will get

Now, these are the keywords people are searching from and that too is provided by Google. these are the keyword gold mines. Never ignore them. The other method is Quora. Go to and search for your keyword. it will show you all the leading threads that are active right now. Now, look at the no of people commenting on it. it means that there are people who want to know more about it.

These are the problems whose solution people are looking for. if you can create content keeping in mind these problems than your content will surely be in demand.

3. Optimize your Site Speed

Optimizing your site speed to SEO ranking, Page/ site speed has a very important role in the number of visitors you get on your page. Sometime back when google’s search speed was dropped by only 400 ms the number of searched done on google was dropped by 0.5 percent. Google also considers page speed as one of the most important factors in determining the SEO of the site. You can always check the speed on google.

The site speed depends upon many factors majorly Hosting, Images sizes & Cache Plugins. Hosting should always be the fastest one in the market. There are many hosting and all claim to be providing the best speed but in my opinion, Hostinger is the best and the most economical hosting provider there is in the market. You can click on the link to get the Hostinger as your hosting. If you click the link then I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to get Hostinger as your hosting.

Hostinger - Free Domain & SSL - ART 2 BLOG
Hostinger – Free Domain & SSL – ART 2 BLOG

Image size is another reason which would decrease the speed of your blog. We always try and get images in HD and those HD images are also high on data. These images are always heavy to be viewed on your blog. The size of the image should always be below 50 KB. If the size of your images is high then get the software to lower the size of the images.

The next but not the least is the cache plugins. There are many free and paid plugins that you can use there in the market to speed up your SEO blog. I recommend and use W3 Cache Plugin to speed up my site.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin there is. This plugin will help you improve your content to SEO optimize your blog. This plugin will tell you all the SEO problems in your content, like the length of the sentences, sentences in passive voice or active voice, missing of internal or external links. Yoast SEO is the best plugin for this purpose. Yoast SEO is a must install a plugin for all the bloggers. I highly recommend it.

Yoast SEO - Art 2 Blog
Yoast SEO – Art 2 Blog

With the help of this plugin, you can set the focus keyword for your post and it will tell if you have overstuffed or used your keyword less than required. It also allows you to enter the snippet for your post. The snippet is a small introduction that will be presented below the google SERP.

5. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a must to be installed in your blog. SSL certificate makes sure that your site is secured from any cyber-attacks. Mostly you get this certificate free when you get the hosting. you can get a free SSL certificate even in the most basic hosting at Hostinger. If you are to buy the hosting you can try hosting which is the best and affordable hosting there is in the market.

This certificate shows that your site is secure and helps google to trust your site. this makes your site a high ranking in Google’s SERP. If you have already got an SSL certificate with your hosting all you have to do is activate the SSL certificate from the hosting Cpanel and then install Really Simple SSL plugin. rest this plugin will do all for you.

Really Simple SSL - Art 2 Blog
Really Simple SSL – Art 2 Blog

If you want to enable the remaining features of this plugin then you have to activate the pro version of the plugin. Remember after installing the SSL certificate on your blog you have to inform Google search console and Google Analytics about the same. if you do not do so you might lose your search ranking in Google.

6. Backlinks

When someone else links your site in his blog is called a backlink. Backlinks show that the author of that site thinks that you have something more beneficial for his audience. This is done with the help of relationship building. Google sees backlinks as a very important SEO tool. building backlinks from an authoritative site will help you rank yourself higher in Google SERP. To know more about backlinks click “What are backlinks and why do you need them?”

Backlinks - Art 2 Blog
Backlinks – Art 2 Blog

7. Clean Navigation

You should have clean navigation to in your blog. your readers should always understand what they are reading. your readability and the site’s hierarchy should be clear. It should not be difficult for the reader to go from one post to another.

Provide internal links to other posts that are related this your current post. these should not be misleading links. these links should provide some extra value to the reader. Do not overstuff your post with unnecessary links. By doing this Google will consider your post spam and may not list it on google.

8. Social Media Presence

Having your blog page on social media is not an SEO practice but when you get traffic from those sites and that traffic stays on your blog to read your content. It will be noticed by Google. It will help you build your authority in the eyes of Google.

Posting regularly will help you build your audience on social media which will always be there to provide a compliment to your good work and feedback for improvements. Google will see all this as Google signs for your brand and rank it higher on Search Engine Result Pages.

9. Descriptive URL’s

In WordPress go to Settings>>permalinks. In Permalink you will see different methods to represent your URL. You should always select the post name to be the URL for your post. This helps in multi ways. The URL will be represented in the following manner.

Permalink - Descriptive URL's - ART 2 Blog
Permalink – Descriptive URL’s – ART 2 Blog

There are benefits to do so. By doing this your blog post URL becomes self introductory for the people who don’t know what is there in that post. But for that, you have to understand the importance of the title. An URL acts as an anchor Text which hooks your reader.


SEO Blog is a great practice to optimize the search engine result page. These tips will help you improve your presence in Google search. I would like how these tips benefited you. Please share your experience in a comment and like and share with your friends