Rank higher on Google is a dream. Needless to say, Google is the king of search engines which covers more than 80% of the searches made in the world. So here we will be talking about how we can rank our articles higher on Google. Google analysis every article on more than 200 factors and then determines the value that the content is providing to the reader. After determining the value Google ranks them in the search engine result page or SERP. 

Most of these so-called factors are not disclosed by Google. But let’s talk about the few that we can control. If these points are followed properly then I can assure you that your ranking will improve in Google results.

So without wasting any time lets discuss…

How to Rank Higher on Google?

1. Valued Content

Content is the soul of the internet. I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘Content is the King’. This is because everyone is on the internet either to give content or take the content. Valued content is always liked by google and the searchers. So let’s see how can we create valued content to rank higher on Google.

Now imagine you want to create content around the keyword ‘Yoga’. Just go to google and search the keyword and then you will see the top articles there are to that keyword. In this case top articles to the keyword ‘Yoga’. Now you know what the searchers are getting when they search your keyword.

Valued Content to rank higher on Google

Go through the top articles. Read them, understand them, and analyze them. Try and understand what value they are providing to the readers. Is there anything missing which you can add to them? Is there something wrong or something you can explain better? Find the flaws in the best.

Now your next step is to go to ubersuggest and find the keywords those articles are ranking for. Just type the URL of the article and click search. Now you have the keywords the articles are ranking for and you know what your content can provide extra o the readers. Do this to all the top 10 results.

We have the gun, we have the bullets just shoot now. Go to your computer and start typing the article. Just provide the value greater than the top articles for the keyword. And also keep in mind that your content should be unique and not a copy of any other article you read on the internet. Your article should have your shadow on it.

Create Shareable Content

Which content is shared? A content that is liked by the reader and the reader thinks that this content can provide some extra value to its family or friends. People who are also interested in the same topic. So How can we create these articles that are shared by reader and ranked higher on Google?

For this purpose, you have to create a strong CTA or Call to action. A call to action is the easiest way to connect with your audience. At the end of the article, you can ask your readers about there views, ideas, something that they expect from you, or even what would they like next on your blog. You can also ask them to share the content with the people they know would like it.

Create a strng CTA to get your content shared

These CTA not only acts as a communication channel between you and the readers but also acts as a signal to Google. Google sees that your content is liked, Shares, and commented upon. This makes Google realize that your content is valuable and the readers are interacting with it. When Google realizes it, then Google will rank you higher on the result pages.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the user you are creating your content for. Always create the content which the reader is interested in. And How can you create content in which the user is interested in? You have to know your customer. What is your customer looking for, at what stage of user personna is the user at? You can read more about in this post “To Understand your Customer Know your Customer.”

Link to others

Linking is the best way to grow. There are three types of links – Internal Links, External Links, and Backlinks. Lets see how these links can help you rank higher on Google?

Internal Links are the links that redirect the reader to content in your blog. These links help you to redirect the reader to the content which will help the reader get some extra value from your own content. This linking will get new content in front of the reader but the reader will stay at your blog Only.

External Links are the links that redirect readers to other people’s blogs. Theses links will redirect the readers to other people Blog. The purpose of these links is to show that you care for the reader and are willing to redirect him to another blog just so that he can get more value out of the content. Regardless of your reader leaving your blog, you still redirect him to other blogs just so that he can get more value for the topic he was looking for.

Link with each other to grow - Art 2 Blog

The third and most important linking is backlinks. Backlinks are the external links that redirect the reader to your site. These links are placed on other people’s blogs to redirect the reader to your blog. The purpose is the same as providing more value to the reader.

Anyone will place a backlink to your site only if he thinks that the content on your site is providing value to the reader and is related to the content he has created. Backlinks from an authoritative site are a big signal to Google that your site is providing value to the reader. It is a great SEO practice to have backlinks on your site.

In my view you cannot create backlinks, you have to earn backlinks by the value your content provides to the reader. Backlinks is a very vast topic. You can learn about backlinks is a small paagraph. You can learn in the following post “What are Backlinks and Why do we need them?”

Anyone will only create a backlink for your site if the content provides more value than the other blogger is already proving. All these types of links help Google understand your content and rank it higher or lower on the search engine result page.


Consistency is the unspoken hero of the internet world. You have to be consistent in creating content. Usually, when the bloggers have a number of subscribers on there blog and have created a number of posts, they usually get bored and stop creating more, new, valuable content that regularly. This harms there blogs.

When you have consistent readers coming to your blog, you have to be consistent in supplying them with new content. So that they don’t go disappointed the next time they come. They should always have something new in front of them to read when they come to your site.

If the readers come once or twice and don’t find something new in front of them they might stop coming to your blog. Even when the established bloggers who have thousands of views per day, stop blogging loose there readers. Consistency plays a big role when you want to rank higher on Google.

So never forget this unspoken hero and always keep creating new content. Because the readers are only coming back to find something new

Themes and Plugins

Now this one is for WordPress users. Always use appropriate themes and plugins. As far as the themes are concerned I would suggest any schema theme. These themes are most paid but you can find the free versions of these themes with lite schema installed in them. Schema themes are helpful for the blog.

Generate Press - Art 2 Blog

Schema themes have schema markup installed in them which help the search engine get a clear view of what is happening on your website. You can read all about it in the post “How to Add Structured Data to Your Website”. This is a great article by Neil Patel. you will surely love it.

Now for the plugins. You need to install the plugins for the On-page SEO. Here I am going to discuss the ones I have installed on my blog.

  1. Rank Math SEO: This is the most important plugin I use. This plugin helps me improve the readability SEO score of my articles. Are the paragraphs too long. Is the Focus Keyword used enough times in the blog, Have I Inserted Internal and external links, etc? Another Popular theme for this purpose is the Yoast SEO Plugin.
  2. A3 Lazy Load: This plugin helps me when the reader is on the page going through my article. This plugin only loads the images which are in the screen area of the reader. this helps improve the page load speed which in turn improves the SEO score of the website.
  3. SMUSH: this is an image optimizing plugin. This plugin reduces the size of the image without compromising on the quality of the image. this again helps in improving the page load speed of the blog.
  4. W3 Total cache: The highest-rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

These are the plugins that help me improve the SEO of my blog. Most of them come in a free and pro version. Obviously, pro is the paid version. I recommend that if you are new to blogging use free themes and plugin and start spending money on these things only when you start earning from them.


Organic traffic is the major source of traffic for the blogs and the above-discussed tips will help you improve your ranking. As you might be knowing that more than 73% of the clicks are received by the top three content in the SERP. So to get that position lets to create content keeping all these rules in mind. Happy Blogging. And be sure to leave comments on how you liked the article. And if you liked please do share it with your friends who are interested in the topic.