Optimize content for search engines is the most important thing any bloggers dreams of achieving. When you are optimizing the content for the search engine you have to keep in mind how the search engine works. The search engine is a friend of every searcher and wants the optimization in such a way that your content can be useful to everyone. The Search Engine wants everyone to gets happy.

  • The Searcher gets happy when he gets the desired result.
  • The Search Engine gets happy when the searcher gets happy.
  • The Blogger or you get happy when your content gets some views.

Everybody is happy. That the ultimate target to achieve when we talk about optimizing the content for the search engine. Now there are many points that we have to keep in mind when are talking about optimizing the content for search engine. We will discuss them all one by one here. So let’s Start

Unique Optimized Content for Search Engine

Unique content is the most important thing on the list. Search Engines always have a thirst for unique content. You can write awesome content but if it is a copy of others it is of no importance for the search engine. Let’s say you have a keyword and now you do your research for the keyword.

You find the top 10 contents for the keyword. Now in ideal conditions, you are OK to give them all a read but when creating your own content just keep in mind that all your read was for help, idea, and for the clarity on the topic. You cannot copy their content and write it in your own words. You have to bring uniqueness to the content to optimize the content for search engine.

Unique Content - Art 2 Blog
Unique Content – Art 2 Blog

Your content should say that you have created it. It should be creative and should provide value to the reader. If the content is just a copy of other Blogs or even it is not a copy but still not providing any value to the reader, the content is of no value to the search engine.

Now the thing to know is how the search engine determines that the content is providing value to the reader. The search engine determines the value of the content from the user behavior on your site. If the readers are not spending any time, not engaging i.e. not comment, liking, or sharing your content then they have no interest in your content.

The search engine takes it as a negative sign for your content. Your content is not proving value to the reader. Update it, refresh it, bring something new to it, get creative, and provide value. Or in a single word be unique. Different from all is the key to optimizing your content for the search engine.

Consistent Content

Consistently publishing of new data is very necessary. Now when you are created unique content you came in the notice of the readers. They liked what they see. Readers have now expectations from you. They are expecting new content from you. They expect that when they come next they will see new content. Which means you have to fulfill those expectations.

optimize content for search engine - Consistency - Art 2 Blog

Posting regularly is the only way you can achieve that expectation. And some bloggers think that they can get paid help for the purpose. But I would not recommend that. At least not at the beginning of your blogging career. At least for a year do get paid posts or even guest posts. those readers are here to read your writings and give it to them.

Those readers are regular visitors to your site. Just do not bring anyone else between them and yourself until they become the fn. A follower can leave you but the fan will never leave you. You can expect loyalty from your fan.

What reader wants?

Give the reader what they want. But how will we know what our readers want? you have to understand your reader to make new content for him. To know on the topic you can read it in this post “To Understand your Customer Know your Customer.”

optimize content for search engine
Know what your reader want to optimize your content for search engine – Art 2 Blog

But I will try to explain it in a few simple words. Now just imagine you have a restaurant. A friend calls and says that he is coming to see you. Sit with you and have some decent chats with you. Now you know our friend. What would you do? you will maybe get something ready from the menu which your friends like so that when he arrives you can offer him a plate of his favorite snack. And he will love it because you know him.

Now when you start to know your reader as you know your good friend you will start to know what will he like for his reading. The best way to create the perfect content for the reader is to know him. What he likes? and why he likes it? There are two questions one should know about his reader. But the real question is how to know your reader?

And the answer is simpler than that. Know your reader by engaging with him. Many CEOs of MNC ‘s have direct interaction with there customer service just so that they can have a clear idea of why their customers are calling them. What are the problems the customers are facing? You have to do the same thing. Know what their problems are and find out the solutions. Your customer is your reader.

Your reader is the one who is buying your content from you and he is paying you with the time he has invested in your content. this is a big thing. The reader can spend this time anywhere else but he is spending FOR your content. Respect that and create the content which the reader will pay happily for.

Readers Language

If you are an accountant and I give a book on physics will you be able to understand it? Surely not so just write what you have in mind in the simplest of the language you can use. there might be some who can understand your high fi words but all of them cannot and we are creating content for all of them. Create your content in such a manner that the reader should feel that he is not a reader but talking to you.

Know your readers - Art 2 Blog
Know users Language – Art 2 Blog

Just try and create content in a manner that the reader feels that you are talking to a friend. We don’t use some high casual words or tones with our friends. We act totally natural with them. We say what is in our minds and do what is in our hearts. Just create the content in such a manner that the reader fells that a friend of his is discussing a problem he is having. And Both you and the reader are working on a solution.

The second reader feels that he is not reading an article but talking to his friend he will never leave your article in between and finish his read. Which would mean he spent more time on your blog. This sends a positive signal on to the search engine that your content is providing value to the reader.

Avoid Poor writing

Avoid poor writing and spelling mistakes. Poor writing is where you pay no attention to grammar and just keep writing. Sometimes this type of content does not make any sense to the reader. Because of the bad grammar, the reader sometimes is not able to understand the content, which means that the content is not providing any value to the reader.

Write Neat, clean and correct - Art 2 Blog

Such content is not appreciated by the reader and when the search engine realizes that the searcher is not happy. He will not give you the ranking you seek.

Thank God there are tools that can help u with this. There is a great tool named Grammarly. This tool has a free version that will improve your grammar and help you with spelling mistakes.

Use paragraphs and subheadings

Try using paragraphs and subheadings to differentiate between different topics in the same article. This will not only help readers understand your article. But it will also help the Search engines understand your article.

When the search engine sends it bots or crawlers on your blog to scan your articles. They scan the H!, H2. H3 headings and titles and highlighted text. After scanning the search engine takes an idea of what your blog is all about and ranks it according to the content. The search engine tries to understand your content but it does not read your complete content.

Search Engine relies on the heading subheading, paragraphs to understand the content, and the value it will provide to the reader.

Structure your Post

You should structure your post. Not only the post but the whole blog. Structuring your blog means to arrange everything in such a manner that it looks organized. A clean post or website is highly appreciated by the readers. A webpage or article with unnecessary links, ads, and pictures is just diverting readers off your page. Some might leave to other link pages and others might get frustrated from all the messed up things. Keep your post clean in such a manner that the reader is able to understand what you are trying to explain in the same step-to-step manner in which you intended.

Plan your content - Art 2 Blog
Plan Your Content – Art 2 Blog

A structured post will always tie your readers to your article compares to an unstructured post. A structured post is supposed to have a main heading usually in the H1 tag. All the subsequent points are supposed to marked in the H2 tag and if they have any more following points they must be tagged in the H3 tag.

Try making points up to the mark. Just don’t keep on writing uselessly in the article. Readers don’t like to read the same thing again and gain. If you don’t have a point don’t make it. Try making your post valuable than making it lengthy.

Optimize for Readers not for Search Engine

OK don’t get confused. You came here to read about how to optimize your post for search engines and now I am telling you to optimize your search for readers. The thing is Search Engine is for the readers and if the readers return unhappy from your blog then the Serch Engine will be unhappy. So try and don’t make mistakes which will irritate the readers. Just keep on a check on the following points which will help you make your articles and blog user friendly.

  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Structured Post
  • Valuable content
  • Regular Content Posting

The points are just repeating. So the search engine will be happy if the reader is happy. The most important of the above points is valuable content and not misleading the reader to open your site by proving the wrong heading. The Serch Engines are getting smart day by day. They see what you do on your blog. So just an easy advice ‘DONT TRY TO CHEAT SEARCH ENGINES’. Believe me, the search engine will know and your site will lose their rankings. Ranking on SERP is a slow process so be patient.

Avoid insufficient content

If you are providing some information on any topic to the reader try and provide full information. Insufficient data is not liked by the readers. If the reader does not get full information then he will not be surely coming back to your site. Now the reader has an image that your site provides insufficient information. So before writing any article do complete research on the article.

Avoid Distracting Advertisements

Yes, I know that advertisements may be the only source of your income from your blog. They are important. But Just remember that if the reader is distracted by the advertisements he may not read your article and leave. If he gets irritated by your advertisements then he will leave and for sure not come back again.

Avoid Distraction Between your reading - Art 2 Blog

Advertisements are necessary, but just try and place them at the places where the reader is not distracted from them while reading your article. Remember the reader came to your blog for reading the articles. If he cannot do that in peace he has no reason to come back to your site. And without readers, the advertisements will not fulfill there purpose.

Keep your ads limited. Maybe one or two in the sidebar and limited ads in between the article and if that too is related to the article. if the article is about cooking and you are placing in article ads about beauty products. this will irritate readers and force them to leave.

Describe Links

Links should be told where they are taking the readers to. Internal and external links are very important for the SEO of the articles but if the readers could see only the links and do not understand where the link will be taking him to, he might never click it. If you want to get maximum out of your links then try to describe the link.

A line or two about the link might be helpful. you can always tell the reader what they will find at the other side of the link. These descriptive lines can help the reader make a decision if he wants to click the link or not.

Try using the title of the link as the link to get to the article. As the title is deemed to be the anchor text to attract readers, using it as a link can help you sending traffic to that link. This can be helpful for Internal and External Links.

Try inserting links that are related to the topic. If the link is off-topic, the reader might feel betrayed. The reader might feel mislead. And we don’t want our readers angry at us. Because in simple words these readers are the life of our blog.

Format the links that are easy to spot. Make Sure if the reader sees a link he understands what the link is and where will it take him. If the reader sees a link as a normal text, he might not click it or he might click it accidentally and be at a place where he does not want to be.

Try and include External links. This shows the search engine that you are connected to other blogs and you are a part of the community. And if you could get backlinks to your article that will really help you with the search engines. Search Engines love backlinks. If you want to know more about backlinks then you can read my other article “What are Backlinks and Why do we need them?


So now you know about how you can make search engines fall in love with your blog/ website. But just keep in mind that this is not a one day or one weak process. This is a timely process that will help you get rank on SERP. There are no short cuts. Please share your thoughts below in the comments. will love to hear from you. And also do tell me if you want to read anything about blogging here on this blog. Would love to write for you.