A site with a good page load speed is very dear to Google. So let’s talk about how we could dramatically improve your page load speed. I would recommend that even before reading this post you do a page load speed test. There are a few good tools that you could use.

The above are the most popular free website speed tests out there. I recommend that you do a test before and after implementing the pointers from this post and see the improvement in your website page load speed.

As far as I am concerned I use Google Speed Test to check my speed because the pointers it gives to improve the speed of the web page are really helpful.

Now you know where you stand. Now read this post and after taking pointers for improving your site again check the speed of your website. I hope you will see improvement.

Before talking about how to improve your page load speed you should know what is page load speed?

What is Page Load Speed?

Page Load speed is the speed of your website when it opens on your audience device. The device can be either mobile or desktop. But as more than 50% of web searches come from mobile Google considers the page load speed on a mobile device as a benchmark for your site.

Page load speed is considered very important by Google while ranking your site. But most sites choose to ignore the page load speed. Here is a chart by google which shows the page load speed of different industry sites.

Page Load Speed - Industry Wise - Chart By Google
Page Load Speed – Industry Wise – Chart By Google

In these results, it was concluded that most of the sites are not considering Page Load speed while making a website. There were factors that were shocking. Where Google says it very important that the page load speed of a website should not be more than a second, the page load speed came out to be up to 10 sec.

Now you must be thinking why such a fuss about Page load Speed. Why is Page Load speed this important for Google? So let’s understand Why?

Why is Page Load Speed Important?

I have heard a same question many times “Does the page load speed Effect SEO?” Google while ranking your site for SERP, scans your website for more than 200 factors. One of the most important factors is Page Load Speed. It is a good SEO practice to optimize the page load speed for a website to rank it higher on Google.

Now taking an example to suppose a reader comes to your website tries to open it. He will not wait for more than a few valuable seconds for your site to load. He will leave your site even before it loads on his device. Google and all other search engines also, consider this as bad user experience, and if the user is not happy than Google is also not happy.

A bad user experience before the user opens your site. This experience is generated before he even sees a single word of your site. The value of your content was not delivered to the reader and he never waited for it. You understand the importance of Page load speed.

Your content can be the most valued content there is but will only be appreciated if someone reads it. If the page load speed is above 10 seconds there is a 120% chance that the user will bounce from your site.

Bounce rate if Page Load speed increases - Google
Bounce rate if Page Load speed increases – Google

Now you know what is Page load Speed? and Why is Page load speed important? The next thing to consider is How we can improve our Page Load Speed from zero to hero.

Here are a few pointers which would help you improve your page load Speed.

How to Improve Page Load Speed?

These following pointers are being made for the users using WordPress at there backend. WordPress is one of the most popular website building tools and today more than 35% of the internet is built on WordPress.

But if you are not using WordPress then also this post can help with pointers of where the improvement is required but you have to do it manually. In this post, we will be discussing only the WordPress Plugins to Improve the Page Load Speed.

1. Hosting

Hosting is the first thing anyone thinks of after finalizing that he is going to start a website. Have you decided if you want to start a blog? On an edge of doing it or not. Maybe this post can help: Should I Start a Blog in 2020

Now coming back to the topic in hand. Hosting is the first thing which anyone thinks of, but they do not do any research on it. They buy the one which is the cheapest in the market. I would not recommend doing that. Buy a hosting that is super fast. There are millions of post reviews available out there.

This is an investment that you have to do for a year at least. If you buy a slow hosting than you will be stuck with it. You have to find the fastest hosting out there. Don’t rely on a single review. Take time to do proper research.

If you are a new blogger with not much experience than you can go a cheap hosting for a year or so. You can buy a fast hosting after you have created some Domain Authority and have done some successful SEO. Which means that after some regular traffic has started coming to your site, you buy a fast hosting. Which will again bring more traffic for you?

For beginners, I recommend Hostinger, which is decently fast and cheap hosting also. If you are interested in buying hosting then you can click the image below and buy it. for full disclosure, if you buy from the link below I will get a commission for no extra cost to you.


2. Image SEO

Doing image SEO is a very important step while you are optimizing your page load speed. Images are one of the biggest reasons why the web page load speed is low.

People intend to show high-quality images to there audience. But they forget that the page load speed is affected by the high quality or must say high size images. the high-quality HD images are mostly very big in size. with these high weighing images on the web page the page slows down.

When we load the image on our web page it takes time to load on the audience device. Which is looked at as a bad user experience by Google. You can improve that by installing a small plugin in your WordPress backend.

WP Smush Plugin -Art 2 Blog
WP Smush Plugin -Art 2 Blog

This is a great plugin. After you have installed and activated the plugin it will minimize the size of all images without decreasing the quality of the images. It will SMUSH a maximum of 50 images at a time. If you have more than 50 images then you can smush two or three times as required.

The plugin also has a premium version. I am myself using a free version but they claim that the premium version will decrease the size of the images even more without compromising with the quality. if you are interested and have the funds then you can try the premium version, but the free version is also very good.

If you are not that much into plugins then you can also use some external tools. There are sites on which you can upload a picture they will decrease the image size of the image without reducing the quality of the image. Most of these sites are free and you can easily find them on Google.

3. Compress Code

Compress code means to first delete any unwanted code on your website and compress all the other codes. Or in other words, minify the resources found on your page. But we are using WordPress and we don’t know how to code. So we use a plugin for that.

Now I use W3 Total cache for this purpose. This is a small plugin that helps to manage all the resources used on your website to optimize the speed of the website.

4. Browser Cache

Another way to improve your website speed is to implement Brower Cache on your website. By activating Browser caching you allow users to store a part of your website on his browser. This helps them load your website much faster when they revisit your site.

This plugin can improve the website load speed for the user who is revisiting your site but for the first time users, this won’t help much.

Again you can use W3 Total cache as a plugin for your website. It is a great plugin for the purpose.

5. Implementing GZIP

Gzip is a compression method that will help you compress your site so that the site loads fast on the user devices. Whether be a mobile device or a desktop. Gzip is most installed by many hosting. Before taking a headache of from where to install check your site if it is GZIP enabled. you can check it at https://www.giftofspeed.com/gzip-test.

Even the sites like Google and yahoo use Gzip compression on there sites. The basic purpose of Gzip is to compress the files of your website so that they load fast on your user devices.

6. Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network or CDN is very important for Page load speed. Now just imagine that you are in India and you have created a piece of content. Someone in America is willing to see the content. now if he has to load the content from a server in India it will take time. So what do we do that it takes less time?

We transfer a number of our resources on a server in America. So that the user can access the resources fastly and you can get improved user experience. Now how do we get a server all over the world? Now again we use the same plugin W3 Total Cache.

They Claim that this plugin Dramatically improves the user experience and web page speed for your site.

7. Lazy Load

Lazy Load means that images in the viewing area will be loaded in the user device. this means that the images that are not on the screen portion of the post will not be loaded.

This helps in reducing the page load speed a lot. WordPress users can achieve this with the help of a easy to use plugin. I recommend A3 Lazy Load. This is a great plugin and the best part is that all you need to do is just install and activate the plugin to your site and you are done.


“Why do we need page Load Speed?” To conclude an answer I would say to improve the user experience. In the above post, we have discussed what is Page Load Speed? What effects Page load speed and why do we need to improve page load speed?

These are a few questions that will help you not only improve your page load speed but also improve the SEO of your website.

At the beginning of the post I asked you to take the page load speed test. Now try implementing all the above-given recommendations on your website and then try taking the test again.

Share the difference between both results and did you like the post. Would love to hear from you.