In this guide to Off-page SEO, we are going to learn what we can do off of a website to increase its SEO ranking. Hi, my name is Vinayak and we are going to talk about off-page SEO. Most bloggers think that back-links are the only effective technique for the off-page SEO, but as Google says:

How Page links to each other is one well known signal that we use. But we use many more.


Yes, there are many off-page techniques you can use to rank your page higher. The SEO can be differentiated into two categories White Hat and Black Hat SEO. In short White Hat SEO is the ethical way to do SEO and Black Hat SEO is the unethical way to do SEO. Obviously, we will discuss only White Hat SEO techniques. Let’s discuss a few:

Guide to Off Page SEO - Art 2 Blog
Guide to Off Page SEO – Art 2 Blog


Google scans many aspects of your site to determine the reputation of your brand or site. EAT, readers review, your brand name coming up on a news site of an authoritative site. These all count in the Google algorithm to check your reputation. Let’s discuss them

I. Recommendations from expert source

Your brand name coming up on an authoritative site is a positive signal for you. An expert in your field referring to you or a piece of your content is the best thing that can happen. When he does that that not only increases the authority score but also redirects an amount of traffic from that site.

II. Readers review matter.

A no of positive reviews will always help to build the authority of your brand. Where a review is a great morale booster in the same way Google inspects every review you have for your content on your blog or any other site. All those reviews are awarded by Google by increasing the authority of your site.

Google quality guidelines put a lot of emphasis on online reviews. These reviews also affect your site E-A-T in the Google algorithm. If you are in a business in which there are not many reviews online than Google relies on any awards you have won. It also considers how other experts feel about your website.

Recommendation from experts sources, such as professional societies, are strong evidence of very positive reputation


Building backlinks

As said before backlinks are not only but very important in doing the off-page SEO. When building a backlink the thing you have to remember is that here quantity has no saying, its quality Google is searching for. So backlinks are important but how to build them.

I. Great content is always in demand.

Creating great content is always demanded. If we create great content then it is demanded to link by other people. After analyzing 900+ million blog posts BuzzSumo found out that long-form content gets 77% more links than shorter posts. So try creating a long post. But not by just blabbing about the same thing again and again. Just get new data, stats, and visuals that everyone would appreciate. If you need some help creating awesome content then you can read my post,” A Complete Guide on How to Create Awesome Content“.

II. Guest Posts

When you create a guest post you gain some advantages out of it. But it will only work when you publish content on your own niche. They can be close but have to be under the same parent niche.

The main advantage from creating a guest post is that you will get in front of a complete new audience. When they love what you have created they will come back to read other content on your site. Guest posts can also lead to brand mention. These can be linked or unlinked. But they might not be that strong but it still helps.

Brand Building

Google is always trying to figure out what is your brand reputation in the online market. Google is always monitoring the branded searches for your brand. Branded searches are the search when we look for a site by its brand name. Like Amazon, Flipkart. Whenever we just type in Amazon on the chrome address bar and hit enter it’s a branded search. Google monitors these searches to keep track of your brand reputation.

Youtube marketing is a great way to boost your site’s brand signals. Youtube never lets you link your content with your site. So if someone is interested in your video and wants to read more about what you have created then it will just search your brand on google.

Is will lead to more people talking, covering, and writing about your brand online. This will also increase your online social presence. Google will not consider social media presence as a brand reputation but it will help you generate some traffic. Nothing wrong with that.

Brand tracking

Google keeps a track of your brand and so should you. You can search your brand on news sites, blogs, and forums. This will help you see what you are building and even give you an insight into what people are talking about you. Se can always use alerts feature on BuzzSumo to track your brand around the net.

Great Research helps.

Doing great research always pays off. Believe me, your audience will always appreciate the researched content. This type of content helps with your off-page SEO by sending great quality links to you. Again this type of content gets its social media presence but is not counted as SEO by Google. But no harm in getting fee more set of eyes on your content.


This is a Google terminology which means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This is a super duper off page SEO factor which Google considers.

Google algorithm identify signal about pages that correlate with trustworthiness and Authoritativeness. The best known of these signals is Page rank, which uses links on the web to understand Authoritativeness.


Google always rank up the sites that are linked to authority sites. But if a site is linked to a other site which is in turn linked to a authority site is also fine with Google.

Press release

Sending out a press release of a newsworthy content from your site can also lead to a Rank up the score for Google. But again the content should be newsworthy. It can directly lead a brand being mentioned and a quality backlink to your site.

Get Interviewed

Getting yourself interviewed on a blog or a podcast can be a great way to get some traffic your way. Google also sees your presence on an authoritative site. Which is again a positive point for you.

Make a bigger brand your partner.

Most people think that a bigger brand will not even talk to a small guy but that is not true. A bigger brand is always willing to send some traffic your way if you can provide them with some great content. If your content is of some great value to the readers of the bigger brand than you might never know that they are ready to put your content on their blog.

But never send mass emails to all the authority sites. That can backfire and burn any bridge that could have been built there. Always send a personal mail in which you ask the guys if they are interested in some content from you. You tell them something about the content and if they agree to see it then only mail it to them. Also, offer some extra value in that content.

This content should be something great. Maybe a great post with some great unknown stats or a visual aid that you have created. Just keep in mind that the content, your blog, and the authority site all should be of the same niche.

Create great visuals for others

You can always create a great visual which you can offer to other bloggers in exchange for adding the original source from. These visuals if impressive can also be offered to Big Brands. All that matters is that it provides value to the reader. Great content, in any form, is always appreciated.


So i would like to conclude that SEO is not hard if done correctly. I would like to know how to felt about the post and which technique would you like to use to SEO your blog. Please like share and comment.