Content is the king and today we are going to see how we can create quality content. Content is what makes the internet. We go online to consume or upload our content. Without content, there is no internet.

Every content made out there is not appreciated. Your content can be the best content on the subject but it may not get recognition. We have to upgrade the content to show its potential. So how can you improve your content?

We are going to talk about a few tips on how you can improve your content for the user.

Some say SEO is the answer for getting traffic on your website. But remember SEO will only work if the content is optimized and is providing value.

The content providing value and optimized for reader and search engine is the answer.

Content optimized only for search engine is of zero value, if the content is not user optimized. So let’s talk about how we can optimize the content for the audience.

To optimize the content for the search engines you have to learn the basic SEO techniques or Onpage SEO techniques. You can download this ebook for this purpose.

We will discuss here what else do you have to do to make your content more optimized. So let’s dig in:

Right Message for the right person

Creating content is not enough if you don’t know for whom you are creating the content. Know your audience to create optimized content for the audience.

Right message for the right person

Understand the problem of the audience and providing the best and easy solution for the problem. If you are creating random content for the audience then you might not be able to connect with the audience.

To connect with your audience you have to know what your audience needs. To understand their needs understand the intent of the search he is making.

You should have a clear picture of your customers in your mind. You can create this picture by talking to your customer, by reading his comments, by doing an online survey, and many more methods.

Always try to create engaging content which ties your audience with it. And you can do so if your content is created for the right audience.

It’s what you say its how you say

Creating quality content means creating engaging content that will connect with your audience.

Now when you want to connect with someone and you have to know him. What will you do? You will talk to him. So create content like you are talking to him.

Just write what you would say to your audience if they were sitting in front of you. Just give your audience an image and imagine them sitting in front of you. Now talk to that person and start typing what you are saying.

Now you have perfect content here. This type of content engages your audience and ties them to your content. And an engaged audience is the best audience.

This type of content makes the audience attracted to your content and gives a better conversion rate.

Why is he searching?

Why the user is searching? This means what is the intent of the search. Suppose I am searching for “WordPress”. Now you should understand why am I searching for it. Maybe I don’t know what WordPress is and I am searching to grow my knowledge. This needs an educational blog.

Try and understand the intent of the search

Maybe I want to start a blog and looking for WordPress hosting. This search needs comparison data on which hosting is better.

Now the first person is in an educational phase whereas the second person is in the review phase getting ready to buy.

Now you should know for which reader are you writing. In simple words to understand your customer know your customer

The goal of the content

To create quality content you must know what is the goal of the content. And the goal of the content is decided after analyzing the type of the content.

Know the goal of the content before creating the content

Content can be of two types

  1. Engaging Content
  2. Disruptive content

Engaging Content is the content that one finds on the internet after realizing that he has a problem. He searches the content and absorbs the content.

The goal of this type of content is to keep the audience engaged with itself. The content can be a blog, video, or infographics. And the audience will stay with the content only if the audience feels that the content will help him solve his problem.

If the content promised something and is not offering it to the audience the audience will leave the content and the engagement rate will fall hence decreasing the search engine ranking.

So when creating engaging content creates the content which keeps the audience tied with itself.

Disruptive content is the content that is shown in between the content. Confused… Here content is normally in the form of ads – video or image. No one searched for this type of content.

Suppose you are leaving the office. You are in an elevator and going to the parking. Now you have a minute or two to spare so you take out your phone to check any social media.

And while scrolling you see an ad saying “Spend these holidays in Malaysia in just Rs. 19999/-” This catches your eye and you click on it.

This is disruptive marketing. Where you pick up your audience while they are consuming some other content. The reader was not here for this ad but he still clicked it.

Here you have to create content that catches the eye of the reader and makes him click it. Mostly the purpose of this type of content is to get the click and take the reader to the landing page.

A landing page is where the reader sees the remaining details of the ads and gives the necessary information to register for the deal.

So now you know what the goal of your content is? Whether it is engaging content or eye-catching disruptive content.

Format of the content

There is no fixed format for creating quality content. Here again, we have to understand that different type of content needs a different type of format.

For engaging content, we have to create content with the heading, subheadings, images, and maybe a video o two. Any but keeping in mind that the content needs to look clean.

The reader should not get confused. Create small paragraphs, create small sentences, create clean sentences, and up to the point content. This will keep the content engaging.

The basic purpose of the content is to make the reader feel that the content will solve their problem.

According to some studies 80%of the reader just read your headings and subheading. And the remaining 20% read the full content. So keep in mind the 80% and make a clean, understandable, and bold heading.

And for the remaining 20% create the content as easily as possible. Show your knowledge by solving their problems and not by using a big world which he could not understand.

And Now let’s talk about the disruptive content. For this type of content, the major focus is on the Anchor. An anchor that would tie a passing by the reader. Which would attract someone who is not interested in coming to your page

The first thing for this type of content is a heading. Now we need a heading that promises him a deal of a lifetime. A promise which you will keep in the content. Solve his problem, Give him a deal of the lifetime. Just make the reader happy.

After the heading, which hooks ur audience, create a CTA. CTA is Call to Action. Tell him why is he here and what is it that you are offering in a few words. Try and give him a deal. Just give him a reason to click your ad.

That’s what we want. You will never get customers from the ads, you get leads. Then you interact with your leads to create customers. So don’t try and create something that will close the deal.

That way you might lose a customer. Instead, offer him the deal and collect his personal information like email or mobile no with name and other required information.

The customer is giving you his email or mobile no. He wants to talk to you. he is ready to interact with you. Just take advantage and send him that mail or call him. He is willing to buy from you.


The basic purpose of the content is to create communication between you and your audience. And if you already have that communication then to improve the communication.

SEO optimizing the content is very necessary but optimizing the content for the reader is more important. People today are optimizing the content for SEO but not for the user.

A user optimized content is more effective and will surely catch the eye of the search engine. So whether engaging or disruptive content, your audience is waiting for you to create that content. So just make the content and make it user-friendly to get the best out of it.