The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sell itself

Peter Drucker

This is the best definition of marketing, as far as I am concerned. But we are here to talk about SEO not about marketing. But SEO starts with this definition. SEO is a process of understanding the need of the user and write your content according to it. SEO is a simple process that can help you get your content in top ranks in Google search. There are many people who think that SEO is about fooling Google but to be true SEO is SATISFYING THE PEOPLE SEARCH INTENT.

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SEO when done properly offers something to everyone who is in this process

  1. Searcher: This is the reader of your content. When we do SEO properly the reader of your content can easily get access to your content which makes him happy.
  2. Google: When we do SEO properly Google gets happy because the reader gets the answers they were looking for. This is all that Google wants.
  3. You and me: Yes we only want that the reader can reach to our blog because we have put our mind & soul in our blogs. When the reader reads our blog, it will make us happy.

SEO is a simple three step process which if followed correctly can help you rank your content on the top. Let’s discuss each step:-

  1. Keyword Research
    • How to Research Keywords?
    • What should the Keyword offer?
    • Keyword Analysis
  2. Content making
    • How to Create Content?
    • Do’s and Don’t in the content
  3. Relationships
    • Benefits of Relationship building
    • How to build relationships?
    • What not to do?

Keyword Research

How to research Keyword

Keyword research is a process to find keywords that can, in turn, help you write content which the reader is searching for. The keyword plays an important role in SEO.

These keywords can be single words, short or long tail keywords. We can use all them to make a super content.

So let’s discuss how and what to do in keyword research.

Find popular Keywords:- There are many paid and free tools we can use to find popular keywords. The most popular is a free tool by Google in Google Ads known as Keyword Planner. You can not only use to find keyword but you can also use it to get ideas for the quality keywords.

Quantity over Quality:- No there is no mistake in this. You should include as many as possible keywords in your content as possible. Google is getting smarter day by day. So it will not only understand the different keywords but will also understand the alternate keywords.

Reader Language:- You should also know how the reader is searching for the content. What words is he using? If we are writing content on atmospheric changes and the reader is looking for climate changes, this will lower your content ranking in Google.

Long Tail Keywords:-Ling tail keywords can be 3-4 words or even a sentence. The longer the keyword the better.

Keyword Placement:- We should always place the keyword in the right places. We should have the keyword in the title, heading, subheading, URL & body of the content.

Use all the Keywords:- Use as many as keywords as possible. But don’t overdo it. Adding different keywords in your content will help Google understand your content.

Add keyword in Anchor Text:- Use target keyword in Anchor Text of internal link to the new content. This content should always be in reference to the current content. Don’t mislead the reader, this is not a good practice.

What should the keyword offer?

A keyword should always reflect what the reader is looking for. Readers should get a clear picture that whether he is going to get the solution or answer he is looking for from your keyword which is strategically placed in your heading.

Never oversell in your keywords. It is your duty to provide the solution or answer which you promised in your heading. Overselling the anchor keyword text will give a negative effect on your blog.

Try to understand what the reader is looking for in his search. At what stage of the sale funnel is and what does he need to move to the next stage. if you want to know about the sales funnel more than Click Here.

The basic purpose of the content is to help the reader proceed from one stage of the buyer persona to the other. After only understanding this you should make your content. The content is the fuel of the sales funnel and the keyword is the fuel of the content.

Keyword Analysis

While blogging analyzing is a part of everything whether it is traffic, content, ads, or Keywords. The basic purpose of the keyword analysis is that one should know why is he making the content. Why is the reader finding the content? Is he looking for some answers or is he looking for a product? A keyword has to fall into one of the following categories:-

To Learn Something: If the reader is looking forward to learning something then the content should be educational and without a sales pitch unless you are selling an online course. But you should be clear in the title what are you offering and if it has a price. Don’t try and hide anything from the reader. The more transparent you are in your Keyword the more readers will be attracted to you.

To Find Solutions: If the reader is there to find solutions for his problem, then your content must be guiding. Maybe the solutions are buying something then you can offer different product reviews with their comparison chart. This is so that the reader can have a clear picture of what he has to do. if the reader is finding some solutions that do not include buying something then the anchor keyword should be clear on what it is offering. We should still not force a sales pitch on the reader.

To Buy: Now when a reader is at this stage and is ready to buy. Now is the time when you can offer him a sales pitch. Show him an attractive discount, get him a great deal. by doing this the reader will come back to your blog next time again.

Content Making

How to make content

Content should always be offering what you promised in your title. Content plays a very important role in SEO. Here are a few tips you can use while creating your content to improve your SEO.

Q/A: Whenever the reader is searching for something in google he is in a way asking you a question. We should always write our content as we are providing him with an answer. We NEED NOT Show our essay writing skills here Just write your post as if you are talking to a friend. If a friend comes to you and asked you a solution for a problem then you would not start telling him an essay, you would understand his problem and talk to him about the solutions to the problem. Just writing an essay is never good for your SEO. When writing as naturally as you speak your content will be appreciated by Google which will again benefit you in your SEO.

Provide What the reader wants: When ever the reader wants to find about anything on Google, he types in his search and when he clicks on your link he should get the answer he is finding. When you provide the reader what he is looking for, it will, in turn, increase his time on your website. Google sees this and ranks your site on the top. This is what you want. This is the best practice for SEO.

Write a descriptive title: Your title should always tell the reader what you are offering. A descriptive title should always benefit you. When the reader reads your title he gets an idea of what you are offering in your post which in turn makes him read or pass your content. This is just like buying a book. When you go to a book store to buy a book to read, you read the title of the book and if it attracts you, it gives you an idea of what the author is offering you buy the book.

This is the same when the user searches for his intent and gets your post. He just gives you a few seconds and reads your title and if he likes, feels that he will get what he is looking for only then will he open the post. So you have to be crystal clear in your title what are you offering in your content.

Do’s and Don’t in the content


Help Google to understand your content. Google is getting smart day by day but we can still help google understand our content. If we do that then google ranks you on the top page as per the requirement of the reader. If our content is what the reader search intent matches than google will definitely rank your content on the top. Here are some points you want to improve to help Google understand your content and hence improve your SEO.

Keywords at right places: Always insert Keywords at the right places. This means inserting a keyword in your URL, title, and the body of the content. But remember never overdo anything. don’t insert the same main anchor keyword in each line. Google does not like it. insert different keywords in different places.

Insert the main anchor keyword in the title and the URL and insert the matching Keywords in the body of the content at different places. Never force a keyword at any point always use the ones which are naturally coming to your mind. After you have written the content read it again and again and improve by inserting a less used keyword and deleting an excess used keyword. but keep one thing in mind that the content must not lose its touch.

Internal Links: Use one or two internal links in a post. Internal links are the links that redirect the reader to one of our other posts. We do so to provide some additional value to the reader from one of our other posts. This is usually about a related topic. This link should be descriptive like “If you are reading about Content then Click Here”. Now, this is a link to my other post which is “A Complete Guide on How to Create Awesome Content”.

Backlinks: Backlinks are the same as the internal links but to other people’s blog posts. Google check the backlinks to your site and checks the authority of the site the backlink goes to. if the authority of the site is good then this helps you improve the authority of your site which in turn helps you with SEO. Quality trustworthy link improves your ranking and the fabricated links hurt your ranking in google. So if you are placing a link of other people blogs make sure that these links are quality links.


There are a few things you should never do in SEO. As I said before Google is getting smart and trying to fool google is not SEO. So just follow the good practices to increase the Seo on your site.

Always offer what you have promised in your title. Never show something and give something else.

Never buy traffic for your site. I don’t mean purchasing an ad but when you will get in this market you will meet some people who will offer you some traffic in exchange for some money. never buy that. that is the fabricated traffic and it will always end up hurting you one way or another.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is a very important part of blogging. When you start blogging or if you already have started blogging, you will feel that we bloggers are a very generous and helpful community. We are always ready and looking to make new links.

To learn from you and to teach you a thing or two. Always looking forward to making a new friend. Not only other bloggers but we are there to make relationships with our readers. There are many benefits for building relationships lets discuss a few.

Benefits of Relationship building

High Demanding Traffic: When you have a great relationship with some great influencers you could write some great content for their blogs. Why Write for others? You make be thinking that. I’ll tell you why. When we write for other people blogs the traffic on their blog reads that content and they come to know that you have written that content and if they feel then they come to your site to read more of what you have to say. This is a great way to increase SEO for your Blog.

Know your Audience: When you talk with your audience you come to know your audience. What they want, what they like, and what they don’t like. Knowing your audience is a great way to improve your content. Reader feedback is the best source to build your relationships. At the end of every post, you should ask the reader to comment on his views. Also always reply to a negative comment that you will try and improve and always thanks for a positive comment.

These are only a few benefits of having a relationship with your audience and other bloggers. you can build a relationship with your audience with the help of your content but how to build a relationship with other bloggers and influencers?

How to build relationships?

Reach Influencers: Now you have to make a relationship with the influencers. How can you do that? the best way is to offer them something. I am now talking about some chocolates but some content. Offer them some content that can add value to their content.

This content of yours can be in the form of a picture, gif, video, or even written content. The main thing to keep in mind is that the content should add value to the content of the influencer.

Personalize your Outreach: Don’t just send mass emails to all the influencers with your content in it. this way most of them will not even open your mail. Personalize your outreach. You have to follow a few steps for that.

  1. Read their content
  2. Mail a personal mail telling him that you like his content and be specific that you liked which part the most.
  3. Offer them that you can add value to their content with the help of a pic or video etc., but don’t send your content.
  4. if you get a reply from him that he is interested in seeing your content, then mail him your content.
  5. In the next mail ask him his reaction and if he is interested in putting it on his blog.
  6. If he is interested then offer him a great guest post for free that you can add with your previous content.
  7. Now he will surely like you to write the post and you will then have a post on your influencer’s blog

This is a great way to reach influencers. Never you an official mail to do so, it will just burn bridges. But also remember only 2-3% of the influencers will only reply to emails. Others will only put your content on their blog if it adds some value to their blog.

Be Patient: Always be patient. These things take time. Never fill the email of influencers just because he does not reply. He might block you. Rome was not built in a day.

In the end, I have to say that SEO is very easy if applied properly, and again don’t try to fool Google, it might hurt you. Try applying these tricks to your blog and share your experience with me. Also, do tell me what all difficulties you face while blogging. I would like to know what all things you would like me to write for you in the future.