Content is the soul of Blogging. Today we are going to discuss a complete Guide on how to write content.

Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti. Today we are going to discuss the following topics:

  1. What is Content?
  2. Importance of Content.
  3. Types of Content.
  4. WIITFM Theory
  5. Conclusion

What is Content?

Content is any text, image or video we see.

In publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience.[1] Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.[2] It can be delivered via many different media including the Internet, cinema, television, radio, smartphones, audio CDs, books, e-books, magazines, and live events, such as speeches, conferences, and stage performances. – Wikipedia

Any information that gives any kind of value to the reader is called a content. It can be a image, a post, a video or anything that you see on the internet.

Now imagine that you posted on FB: ” Having Fun with friends at xxxxxx”. Now just analyzing this statement. Here from this post, we know that you have been out at “xxxxxx” with friends, and having fun means that the place is nice. you post it on FB is a free ad for the place you were at. See this post may tempt someone to go and visit the place. This post acts as an ad for the establishment.

Importance of Content

Content is the soul of marketing. Now if you have a query you don’t go to the library, find the book for the subject, read a substantial amount of data and thus conclude your result. No, you just pick up your phone type your search on google and find the answer.

The answer you found maybe some blog or video or some offer. Now all that is content. Now it gives you the desired answer in the form you need. if you are seeking educational data you may get the address of a blog, if you are looking for entertainment you may get the address of the youtube video.

A content is important as it takes you from one stage to other. The stages are

  • Educational Stage
  • Discovery Stage
  • Review Stage
  • Decision Stage
A Complete Guide on How to Write Content -

Educational stage

In this stage, the reader searches for his problem and he found that there is a possible solution available in the market in the form of a product or service. In this stage, the reader is searching for his problem. Like “Leaky roof” or “Joint Pain”. These keywords will take the reader to the blog where he will be told that there are these possible solutions for your problem . at this stage we do not sell anything here, we only provide them the direction and give them the idea that these are the possible solutions for his problems.

Disvovery Stage

This is a stage where the reader is searching for the solution he has in one and making a decision on which one he wants to follow.

Suppose for his problem of “Joint pain” his possible solutions are “doing yoga” or “joint replacement surgery” or “some magical medicine”. in this stage the reader tries to find out all the new information he can gather on the all the solutions. Here again, we help them to go to the next stage in which he finalizes the solution he wants to go with. Here we again don’t try to sell anything to the reader.

Review Stage

In this stage, the reader has finalized the solution he is going to go with. Now he will be finding the people or company he will want to go to. Like if the reader finalizes joint replacement then he would search the “best joint replacement doctor near me” or if he goes with yoga then he might search the “best yoga learning institute”. Here he might want to compare one service provider with others. Like he might want to compare all the hospitals offering joint replacement service or all the health care institutes offering yoga courses. Here we help them giving them the required knowledge about the service provider.

Decision Stage

Now the reader is ready. He knows what service he wants and now we have to give them the offer which will help them finalize the deal. Now suppose three hospitals are offering equivalent competitive service and now we give them an offer which will help them finalize the deal. In this stage, we sell the reader the best deals he wants.

Now if we would have tried the sell the final product on any of the above stages we would have surely lost the reader in the process. But now when the reader has all the required information and knows the services in hand he will make the educated decision in finalizing the service and this is when we give them the final offer. And when now he is ready he will buy the product he finalized himself.

So we can say the importance of content is that it helps you to go from one stage to another. It takes the shape of a blog, video, and images to help us to go from one stage to another.

Types of content

There are many types of content. It can be in the form of image, text or video. Even a Facebook post or a tweet is also content. If we talk about the written content then it can be divided into the following categories:

  • Blog Writing
  • Brand Promoting
  • Copywriters
  • Ghostwriters
  • Technical Writers
  • Social media writers
  • Email writers
  • Script Writers
  • Ad Writers

We will discuss each one of them in a different post


WIITFM means “What is in it for me?” Whenever the reader comes across a post before reading he is just thinking only one question and that is ” What is in it for me?” As per a study, the attention span of a human being is just 8 sec and that of a goldfish is 9 sec. Now there are a lot of distractions for a human mobile, TV, Computer, Laptop. A human cannot concentrate for long so you have to tie the reader with something. Something he does not know something he was looking for.

Content is supposed to tie the reader. When you read you have to give the reader something so that the reader has some benefit out of it and you have to show that benefit to the reader in the first 8 seconds or in other words in the introduction. If your content is good but the reader does not find any benefit in the first part of the content the reader may leave. Which means leaving the content unread. if you what to learn how to create an awesome content the read my other post “A Complete Guide on How to Create Awesome Content”


Content is the soul of communication. Content is whatever you see – A image, a video, a written content. The basic purpose of the content is to help the reader cross from one stage to another. And the reader will stick to your content if he finds some benefit out of it and you have to ensure the reader that he will gain some benefit out of your content in the first few seconds of the content.

I hope you find this content useful and I would really like to hear back from you about this content and anything you would like to see here.

Thank you.