Content is the soul of marketing. Without great content internet is soulless.

Hi My name is Vinayak and I am going to guide you on How to create a great content.


  1. What is Content?
  2. Types of Content.
  3. Format of Content.
  4. Importance of Headline.
  5. Importance of Promising Introduction.
  6. What to provide in Content.
    • Actionable Content.
    • Answerable Content.
    • Reporting And Sourcing.
    • People Love Stories.
    • An image can say a thousand words.
    • To the point Content.
  7. Update your blog regularly.
  8. Conclusion.

What is Content

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach your target audience.

You can find many difinitions for content and Content Marketing on the internet. But for a layman a content is anything you see on the internet.

It might be an ad, a blog, an image, a video, a facebook post, a tweet or a instagram story. Everything you see on the internet is a content.

So what should you know when writing new content. Content cannot be created by everyone. You might not know what the content has to say. All you need to do is research.

Content should be original. I am asking you to research not copy. Gaining knowledge from competitor blogs is not bad but copying them is not the right move to make. Copying content is not appreciated by Google. Google-like new and fresh content. Fresh content is the first step of SEO. So let’s learn How to create great content?


Here i am not going to talk about types of content like blogs or Facebook ads, here we are going to discuss the content in those blogs

Engaging Content

Engaging Content is one that the reader is searching online and is looking forward to engaging himself in it. This type of Content can be in the form of a Blog Post, a Youtube Video, etc. It is searched by the user so that he can find the required knowledge he wants.

Its called engaging content because this content is required to take the reader from one stage of the sales Funnel to another.

Disruptive Content

Disruptive Content is the content that just comes in front of you. Like you came out of a hotel after having a wonderful dinner. Now you are waiting for your car and while waiting you open Facebook and while scrolling down you are hooked on an ad, which might have said

Now, this ad says “Free Course: Learn more than 30 digital Marketing Tools in one Course”. If you are Learning Digital Marketing then you hooked to this ad.

This is a perfect example of Disruptive Content. Now when you see this ad it hooks you and now you want to open this and see the content. This ad took you from the content you were looking to its own content.

Format of a Content

Well the content is divided in three parts

  1. Heading/Introduction: Do you know that 8/10 people only read your headline and the 2/10 read the following content. It is up to your Headline to fetch the reader’s eye on the remaining content. Always try to make a number of different headlines and pick the one which you feel is the mort Disruptive.
  2. Call Attention: Now when the reader is reading your content you should give him some useful, readable, and valuable content.
  3. Call to action: Now its time to drop the mic. Give him an ‘AHA Moment’. Something which brings him back to your blog. You can maybe leave him with a question on how he can apply what he read to himself or ask them a question on how they felt about your post. Just remember one thing ‘why is he at your blog?’. At what stage of buyer persona he is at. To know more about the buyers’ stage read my article “Why content is the fuel to sales Funnel?

Importance of Headline

The headline is the first thing the reader is going to read in your blog. As I told earlier on 2/10 people read your blog content the remaining 8/10 just read the headlines.

A headline is supposed to act as a hook so that the reader has to read the content. The basic purpose of the headline is to identify the problem which you are going to discuss in your post.

You can also add a sub headline which is supposed to talk about the solution you are going to provide.

After reading the headline and the subheadline the user will know whether he is going to get the answers to his problem here. Now if the user is convinced that he gets his answer he will surely read the full content.

Importance of promising Introduction

Your introduction is supposed to be the most engaging part of your blog. When a reader visits your blog post the first thing he reads is your introduction. No not the headline. He clicked on the headline to open your post. Now he is reading your introduction.

Now if the post’s introduction is not as engaging the reader will feel bored and leave. Interesting fact: The attention span of a human being is 8 Sec and that of a goldfish is 9 Sec.

In the first 8 Sec he will only read your introduction and if you cannot engage him within those 8 Sec , your reader might get lost.

What to provide in the Content

Actionable Content

Actionable content is one that asks a reader to take some action. In this type of content, the reader is convinced by the content to take action after the completion of the content.

Answerable Content

Content should always hold the answers to the questions the reader is looking for. A Blog post content is usually discovered through google when the user searches for hos problem.

Like if the user searches for “How to write great content for a Blog?” he might find this page. If the answer on this post is not found satisfying by the reader than he will leave the page early and Google will notice that for your blog. Which will result in a bottom ranking

Reporting and Sourcing

Readers like when you add figures or facts to your post. These reports give your blog respect but when you add these kinds of reports, facts, or figures to your post always tell the source.

People Love Stories

Try adding stories to your posts. When you add a story to your post the reader feels connected to that story. He feels connected to your post. he feels that the post is written just for him.

An image can say a thousand words

When you add a image to your post, the image not only describes your post more but the posts with more pictures are more communicatable with the readers.

To the point Content

If you have something to tell then just tell, don’t just drag things along to make the post bigger. This won’t help you. the reader is looking for an answer and to the point answers. Adding all the jibberish which is of no use to the reader is just a turn-off.

Update your Blog regularly

Yes, you need to update your blog, your posts, your headlines everything. What is up and happening today is a turn-off tomorrow. You have to always update your blog, writing styles, old posts, and have to keep them all up to date.


Writing a blog is very easy. Just research, collect the required information and put your heart out. Writing a blog post can be fun and it can be very helpful to someone. But that someone will only read that post if you could right the post properly.

when you get a comment, share, a word of appreciation you will feel that it was all worth it. It is above anything. Believe me, when you get your first appreciation after that it would be hard to stop you from writing again and again.

I hope you find this post helpful. Now comment below the the most recently written article below and i will be honoured to give it a read.