Digital Marketing is changing. But, How Digital Marketing will change in 2021? With the changing world, businesses are going online more than ever. Businesses are approaching with a different mindset.

Changing Digital Marketing

A changed mindset business need a changed Digital Marketing. We have already seen some mega changes in Digital Marketing in 2020. And we have to be ready for the new once which will completely change Digital Marketing in 2021.

So we also have to change our marketing strategy as digital marketers. With the increase in online business, there is going to be an increase in competition. So as digital marketers we have to change our strategies to stay ahead.

There have been changes in the search engine algorithms and most probably there will be more chances that we are about to see in the coming time. We have to be prepared for that.

So what is going to change in Digital marketing and what is going to stay the same? In the coming time, what will change digital marketing?


Well, yeah some things don’t change and this is one of them. Consistency will still be the key to success. The changing world will show many changes in digital marketing.

consistency is the key to success

Giving the perfect example of Netflix for consistency. Netflix just announced 70 new movies. That’s so much content for everyone. I think this will benefit Netflix a lot more than any other streaming company out there.

Think about it. 70 movies, that’s more than 1 movie each weekend for the complete year. You have something new every weekend. They are giving there audience a reason to stay home.

They are not only creating competition for the other streaming services but also with the movie theaters. Home is cozy, nice, relaxing and popcorns are cheap. So when you create a great amount of content then you will surely not capture only your audience but other audience also.

Quality is subjective. You might like something which others might not but quantity will get the results. A consistent posting online is sure to get results.


In the past few years, we have seen people preferring to see video content or images more than blogs. Let’s see if I want to see how to pack a gift nicely. I don’t want to see a blog with somewhere 2000-3000 words. I would rather see a video on how to gift wrap. So the shape of the content is changing digital marketing.

change content as digital marketing is changing

Now blogs with long lengths will have less demand than the content with great relevancy. Google will see the relevancy of the content rather than the length.

So always make sure that your content is relevant to what the user is searching for. Concentrate on the keywords that describe the intent of the reader.

Many people think that blog writing will die. I assure you that it will never die. Blogs will still have a respectable place in the changing digital Marketing Business. Now we will see blogs with written and video content mixed.

So just keep on Blogging. But now instead of making irrelevant and long content concentrate on making relevant content.

Audio and Video Content

Obviously, people are switching more towards Audio and video content. According to Oberlo 720,000 hours of video is uploaded every day on youtube. And 1 Billion hours of content is consumed by users daily.

New Age Content - Audio and Video

So just a vast network of content. Why not share it. The coming time is of audio and video. Content which is of short length is consumed a lot like in Instagram reels etc. But for Business purposes content which upto 10 minutes in showing great responses.

If you are making videos for a business then try and make them in about 8 to 10 minutes. These videos are generating great conversions. But if the video gets longer the conversion rate is decreased.

Podcasting is also booming. Podcast audio with a time length of 3-4 minutes is getting great results. And in podcasting, there is a lot of scopes left. So if you are a business and looking to start sharing your knowledge and help your audience then you can start podcasting.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is one of the top points when we are talking about Off-page SEO. Page load speed is going to get more importance in the future.

Improve your page load speed

Yes, the networks are improving. We are going to get 5G services soon but there are still many places where the network is week. So never leave the page load speed unchecked.

In a Google survey, they found out the page load speed is not considered. Even in an article, there was an image of 68 MB loaded. Think how much time it would have taken to load that page.

To improve the page load speed be sure to use CDN. CDN is a Content delivery network. This helps you load your content faster with the help of servers all around the world.

If you are in India and someone is looking at your blog from Australia. The files will take a lot of time to transfer from India to Australia. But if you are using CDN a copy of your blog will be there in the servers of Australia, which will help your Blog open faster.

To check your page load speed with the help of the Google tool and you can also read this article to improve your page load speed

Brand Brand Brand

Most of the businesses are coming online but the customer will only buy from the brand he is aware of. If the customer does not know your brand then he might not buy from you.

Even if you are the best service provider for the product they desire for. So go and create a brand repration. Start a blog, create videos, connect with your audience.

Solve their problems to get recognize. Show testimonials to gain the trust of new customers. Understand the customer, or even better know your customer.

Create content on social media where your audience is hanging. Use the fields like age, demographic, habbits and liking of your customer.

Like just for fast food the customer is aged between 14-45. Demographics is 15 Km from the place of business, liking food channels on Facebook or Instagram

Try and target the right customer and interact with them to show the quality of your product. Create a brand repo by giving a free sample of your product or service. Try and understand the audience’s need to get conversions.


Well, I think the importance of backlinks will decrease. Today backlinks have utmost importance but who is to say that those backlinks are genuine or purchased.

will backlinks be important in changing Digital marketing

Google understands that. Even today’s site getting a lot of backlinks in a short period of time comes in a suspension list of Google.

Backlinks are important today. I cannot tell the future but I think their importance is going to get down. Backlinks will not be as important as the relevance of the content.

Google is going to give importance to the relevancy of the content and user signals on your blog.


One thing that most bloggers ignore is republishing the old content. Update and republish the old content. It will not only improve the ranking of the content but also the Authority of your website.

update and republish content

With the changing digital marketing, the content that was created needs to be changed. Advised given pre and post-pandemic are different. So show that to your audience. Update the old content and create some new to stay on the top position of the Google search result.

Small things left

To become a world-class boxer many exercise daily, have a good diet, and practice but only those who give attention to small things get to that position. Like have a good night’s sleep, wear comfortable shoes in the competition, takes care of the defense as much as of the offense.

small things matter

The person who takes care of the small things gets to be in the top position. So take care of the small things. like image optimization, content relevancy, On-page SEO, user signals, etc.

One who will take care of these small things will get the results for sure.


The strategy of Digital Marketing has been changing from time to time, but we have always got results. The change iosalways new but we can do it.

The change in the market is going to make us better. Comment below if there is any change that you see coming in. Would surely like to discuss it with you.