Digital Marketing is simply marketing your product but on a digital medium. Marketing has been the means to generate leads and sales for millions of years. In old ages people would write notices on big rocks for the people to see, now they hand big boards for the same. They are all marketing their product. When we add Technology to our marketing methods then we call it DIGITAL MARKETING.

Digital Marketing is Marketing Plus Technology.

Digital Deepak

Hi, my name is Vinayak and today we are going to discuss What is digital marketing. Digital marketing is just like any other marketing where we have to Market our product on some digital medium. In digital marketing, we have to follow a few steps to just like other marketing methods. Let’s Discuss them:

  1. Goals
  2. Concept of Debt
  3. Concept of Market
  4. Communication is the most important Skill
  5. Digital Marketing is the Future
  6. Niche
  7. How To Find Market Demand?
  8. Sales Funnel
  9. Integrated Digital Marketing
  10. Build Your Personal Brand


How to set your Goals is a very fast topic. But today we are going to talk in brief. After graduation, a class was given a survey in which they were asked if they have their goals for life in writing. 3% said yes, 15% said that they did not have them in writing, but they knew what their goals were, and the remaining 82% said that they had no goals. After 20 years those 15% were earning almost twice the remaining 82%. The 3 % who had their goals in writing were earning 10 times more than 15%.

Art 2 Blog - Goals
Goals – Art 2 Blog

This is importance of goals and these are the steps to follow when making goals.

  • What you Desire? This is the most important step before setting your goals. You should have a clear picture of what you desire.
  • Know your Priorities: Now when you know what all you desire, priorities them. know what is your short term goal and what is your long term goal.
  • Actual not Assumed. Now when we have to set us you also have to set the time limit for your goal and these things need data that is supposed to be actually not assumed. making your goals on assumed data is the first reasons why your goals fail
  • Now Pen your Goals: Now when you have a clear picture of your goals, the next step is to pen down your goals. This is the most important step. This is a fact that the written goals are accomplished much easier and must faster.
  • Discover Other ways: Now when you have your goals keep out your eyes for ways to achieve your goals faster.
  • Now Plan: Now plan Now this is the time to plan what, When, and How you should pursue your goals.
  • Know Where you are: You should always know where you are. Analyze each and every step and you will be able to reach your goal mush faster

This is my ideology on how to set and achieve your goals. if you want to read about it in detail than you can read my post “7 Steps to Set and Achieve your Goals”.

Concept of Debt

If you are starting a new business, trying to grow an old business, or expanding in other fields Money is a major concern. Let’s talk a bit about economics. Economics is a major part of every business.

Here I am taking reference from a UK money blog post DEBT. This is a great post to read. According to that post, Most money in the economy is created by banks. if you want to create money in the economy then you have to take debt. When you take debt from a bank, the bank creates money on your debt. For all of your money, you have deposited in the bank has created the same amount of debt. and if we want to create more money in the economy then we have to go further and take more debt and if we try and pay off our debt then money disappears. This is a small summary of that post. For details, you can go and read it.

Concept of Market

The market is not the same for all. There was a company that did its research, surveys and all they could and come out with a product that was unique, had a market demand and everything. Then this new company came into the market who just replicated the product and launched it. The second company ended up getting more sales for the same product. HOW? The second company launched the same product with a Free version of the product which offered limited usage. Here the quality of the product was the same but the second company game more value for the money.

Every product in the market offers solution, Solution give rise to more challenges which again need solutions. This is how market works.

Market - Art 2 Blog
Market – Art 2 Blog

Let’s take the example of a restaurant. A restaurant is not only a food business. We need paper for napkins, menus so the paper industry is related to it. They need clothes for tables, cleaning so the cloth industry is attached to it. They need furniture and utensils which attached furniture and utensils industry to the restaurant business.

So when a restaurant is opened many industries get new work. A product offering solutions creates a market for other products. A market is always creating new opportunities when a new product comes into the market.

Communication is the most important skill

In any form of marketing either Digital or traditional, communication is the most important part. We need to have effective communication with the buyer so that he can understand the scheme.

Most digital marketing is done in English, so you need to improve your English. Don’t worry about grammar, there are online tools to correct your grammar. but you have to understand and write English correctly. I can’t tell you after finishing this post how many errors will be rectified by the ‘Grammarly’ – an online tool I was talking about.

You have to improve your English. There are ways to do it.

  • Read Books: Move from a simple reading, maybe a cartoon book to magazines to more advanced books. I suggest you read 30 minutes a day.
  • Thinking in English: This can help you a lot. Whenever you are thinking try and think in English. this will definitely improve your confidence to talk to other people in English.
  • Listening to the podcast: Podcast is a great source of information and entertainment. Listening and understanding a podcast minimum of 30 minutes a day can help you with your communication skills. Not only your language but you will also learn about mass communication.
  • Write a lot: As a digital marketer, you have to write in the future better practice now. This practice will not only improve your English but will also be helpful to you in the future.
  • Watch Sitcom and Standup shows: Watching a sitcom and listening standup shows will not only help you with your English but will also help you learn and understand local slangs. this will not only
Improve Communication to start Digital Marketing- Art 2 Blog
Improve Communication – Art 2 Blog

Digital Marketing is the future

Digital marketing is the new thing. There have been many time fold increases in the number of internet users which creates a great market for digital media. Let’s discuss why digital marketing is the future of marketing

  • Digital Marketing is the new marketing: People are moving away from traditional marketing. When we advertise in a newspaper, the newspaper is circulated to everyone, which includes a college student, an enterpenure, a 65-year retired old man. which of these is your market. maybe only one, but we are sending it to everyone. we do not have to do this in digital marketing. we can target a specific group of customers.
  • Digital Marketing is the new thing: Now even the small startups and small businesses are marketing over a digital medium. it is not only effective but also more effective.
  • Digital India: With the govt. support to the Digital Indian people is shifting to digital methods, which not only included digital marketing but digital payments digital meeting etc.
  • Getting in contact with the global market: With the help of digital marketing, even a small enterpenure can reach the global market. The digital medium is the backbone of small-medium enterpenures.
  • Upcoming Digital Marketing Courses: Different universities are offering different new Digital Marketing courses, which shows that future marketing is Digital Marketing.
  • Affordable: With the help of digital marketing one can reach the target market at a pocket-friendly expense. Marketing has never been so affordable.
  • Higher Engagement Rate: With the help of social media one can today market his product to his target audience which helps him get the maximum output from the market.
  • Growth in internet users: With the growth in internet users everyone is online which markets it easy for the digital marketer to focus the market as a whole.


Niche is a combination of passion, talent, and market opportunity. It is the most important part of Digital Marketing. If you are planning to start a blog the first question that should come to your mind is what should my niche be. I see Niche finding as to the most critical part of Digital Marketing. I suggest following these steps to finalize your niche.

  1. Before Finalizing your niche: I suggest you divide niche finding into two parts before and after
    • List your Interests and passions: It should be a part of your passion and interest. A niche is something you have to write about for a long time and if you don’t have an interest in it, it would be hard.
    • List your daily reading material: Your daily reading material tell a lot about you. What you like and what you don’t. Just go through your daily reading material and think what you enjoyed the most reading about
    • List your past jobs and experiences: A man has a lot to learn from his experiences. My brother usually says “Akal badam kahne see nahi aati, shake khane see aati hai” which means that you don’t get knowledge from almonds, but when you are pushed by people. Sorry if the translation is not good.
    • Let’s Finalize your Niche: Now you have three lists. make it one. read all you have written and choose all the topics that thrill you the most
  2. After Finalizing your Niche: Now that you have the final list you have to do some work to finalize your niche.
    • How interested are we in this niche? See every topic in your list and ask your self how interested are you in that niche? how long can you talk about it? You have to write in that niche for a couple of years. can you do it?
    • How much do you know about this niche? Again do know enough about the niche so that you can write a couple of years about it. It’s not that you can not learn about it in the process but you should have at the basic knowledge about it.
    • Research your niche You have to see if your niche is trending or not. you can check tools like Google Trends, Google keyword planner, SEMrush and Buzzsumo to see that.
    • Check the Profitability of your Niche: The two most popular ways to earn out of your blog is Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. See different affiliate programs to see if there are products on that niche. Google Adsense will take time but affiliate marketing can start from day one.
How to find My Niche before begining your journey as digital marketer? - Art 2 Blog
How to Find My Niche – Art 2 Blog

If you want to read about niche findings in detail then please read my detailed post “How to find your Niche for a Blog?”. I would really like to hear your comments on it.

How To Find Market Demand?

Now when you have your niche you have to find the market demand for the same. you can do with the help of the any or all the following ways:

  • Use Google Autosuggest: Whenever we are typing anything in google, it auto-suggests. these suggestions are the searchings of other people. this tells you what other people are searching for. With the help of this, you can find what other people are finding in your niche. this is a keyword gold mine which many people usually neglect.
  • it is a great tool. You can never explain this tool with so many features. it will not only tell you the most popular keyword niche but will also tell you what people are searching in different forms like in question, differentiate them alphabetically, There is a lot you will learn from this tool. go check it.
  • Amazon Reviews: Amazon reviews tell you what products are selling the most. if your niche is cooking go and search for cooking in amazon and it will show you all the related items in the field and you can check their commission on the products and see what do you expect in the field.
  • Talk to the consumer: If you could talk to the consumer then this is the best source of information. A consumer can tell you exactly what he wants, what he likes, and what he does not like.
  • Look for pre/post products: Always look for products that are used pre and post using your product. You can add those products affiliate to your blog.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel tells you how the buyer is traveling for the information phase to the buying phase. We always have written content that helps the reader to travel from one stage of the sales funnel to others. the following is self-explanatory.

Sales Funnel explaining different stages of buyer in Digital Marketing
Sales Funnel – Art 2 Blog

There are basically four stages in s sales funnel and we write different content to help the reader right from educating him to decision making. The above image shows what type of content is needed at what stage to help the reader move from one stage to another.

If you want to read more about it you can visit my other post “Why Content is the Fuel in Sales Funnel?”. After reading leave a comment on what you liked the most about it.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Today Digital marketing has grown very big. it is divided into many branches. SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMM(Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing. When all these branched hold hand in hand and help each other to represent you in the market. This approach has been proven very successful.

Integrated Digital Marketing - Art 2 Blog
Integrated Digital Marketing – Art 2 Blog

Build Your Personal Brand

You are more than just a blog or a digital marketer. You are a brand and you work hard to build yourself. Whenever you try and build a brand you have to follow a specific strategy. let’s discuss it.

  • Be known for what you do: You are good at what you do. No one is perfect and doesn’t try to be. Be good. When you get good in what you do you will start to get a notice for it. When you get notices you will be appreciated. This is surely not a one day process. This is a long journey that will happen one day at a time. Just be yourself. You have to be the best but for now, just be good and start working to be the best.
  • Come Forward: To get noticed you have to come forward. never hesitate to put your content out there. Never think your content is not good enough to be published. It might not be good enough for someone but it might be life-changing for someone else. You will never be outstanding until stand out.
  • Be active on Social Media: Social media is a representation of digital you. Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there. write whats on your mind. When you do that people will get to know you, when they know you they will follow you and they will be a part of your tribe.
  • More Content: To get noticed, you have to continuously publish new and more content. It is difficult, but your reader wants new and fresh content every time he visits you on your blog. don’t disappoint him.
How to Build your brand in Digital Marketing
How to build a brand – Art 2 Blog

Now with time you will be a big brand and will have a huge tribe of your own.


This is a very summarized view of what I think Digital marketing is and what it will be. It is the future of marketing and will soon be the most demanding market. Today there are many new digital markets getting ready to join the force and if you have any doubts just drop them and join the tribe. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please leave your comment on how to felt about Digital Marketing.