How to write new content? Content is the king of the internet. Content is the ship which drivers your audience on the internet. Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti and we are going to discuss 9 tips on how to write new content every day without any problem. For anyone who is not clear on what is content? Let’s discuss a few words on content before we start on how to write new content.

What is Content?

Content is anything you see on the internet. Content is anything that educates or entertains you. This is why we say ‘Content is the King’. Whenever anyone comes on the interest, he is absorbing any kind of content. Content can be an Instagram or Facebook post, a blog post, a youtube video, a TikTok skit, a picture or anything and everything on the internet is content.

Now that when we are clear on what is content the biggest problem when it comes to ‘how to create new content’ how you should write it. Now before we start we are talking about the time when you know what you have to write but have a problem with what to write or does not have enough content to write. We are going to talk about 9 tips on how you could create new content.

Who are you writing for?

Before discussing how to create new content you should know why are you creating this content and for whom. In an ideal condition, we as bloggers create content for our audience for the problems they are facing in there day to day life. If you are a food blogger then your content is food recipes in which your audience is interested. If you are a travel blogger then you blog about the parts of the country where your readers might want to travel.

the only reason to create content is to help your reader with the problems they are facing. If you don’t know who is your audience than your written content will never be appreciated. Now if you want to understand your reader then you should read my other post, “To Understand your Customer Know Your Customer”. This will help you understand your reader.

Now let’s talk about how to write new content. As a blogger, you have to create new content on a regular basis. And sometimes you get stuck on how to write what you have in your mind. sometimes it gets difficult to put the thoughts in your mind on paper. So here are a few tips which will help you.

I. Think Differently

According to WordPress statistics provided by Hosting Tribunal over 35% of the internet is powered by WordPress sites which publish somewhere near 70 million blog posts per month. That’s more than 2 million posts every day. Now you are one of them. You have stood out of them. you don’t have to just write your data. you have to write it differently. Why should you do what everyone else is doing? Do something differently. Just show that you are different from everyone else.

How to write New content - Art 2 Blog
How to write New content – Think Differently – Art 2 Blog

When a reader visits your site he should feel that you have worked on what you have written. you know what your reader is looking for. A simple and clean solution to his problem. You can not just provide the first solution that came to your mind, without thinking if it will satisfy your reader. Reader satisfaction is a must. You should always do your research and find the best solution to the problem that you can provide and then give that solution your words.

II. Get Inspired

Get inspired, don’t cheat. you can always scan your opponent’s blog for what’s working for him. What is the audience liking in his blog? for this, you can always go to Ubersuggest, scan your opponent’s site, and find the keywords he is ranking for. open his post and read it. Your purpose is to see all the solutions your opponent is providing.

One thing that you should remember is you are getting inspired and not cheating. You can get the idea of what your opponent is telling the reader and not make it your idea. Always read to get informed not to cheat. After you have read the posts for the problem you know what others are offering to the readers. Now all you have to do is provide something better than what you have just read.

III. 10 Top Blogs

This is very important. Search the focus keyword you want to write the post on Google. Now on the Google SERP open the top 10 Blogs on the topic. Now read each and every one of them. The reason for the same is that you are scanning the top looked content of the problem you are going to solve. read what all the opponents have offered.

Now your object is to make a blog post which is better than all those posts. We have to make a post that is not only providing answers to the reader but is providing the best answers. Answers that will engage the reader to get high traffic to your blog. This is an off-page SEO technique which all the top bloggers do. The main objective is to provide the best solution to the reader or in other words reader satisfaction.

IV. Make a rough Post

Now when you have done all your reading take a paper and pen. Write the post. Yes on paper and pen. Make a rough post. In this post just write the heading you want to put in the post. Write the title of the post. Whenever I have to write a post, I try and make at least 5-10 titles for my post. I like to see which one is the most appealing. which one is the most attractive. Is my title going to be tips or questions? Is it going to be long or short?

What point is supposed to come on 1st position and which on the last? Actually, I want you to finalize the structure of your post here. This is for the purpose that when you start typing the post you know exactly what you have to write and you don’t have to stop in between to think what I should write next, what is my next point. Have I written all the points I wanted to write?

V. Make it yours

Now that when you have made a rough post ask yourself,” What part of the post is yours?” What have you contributed to the post? Is it a summarized copy of all the read post. We cannot post that. What is your contribution to this post? How could you say that this is your post? Just because you have written it’s not yours.

Bring your uniqueness in the post. You have read 10 posts on the topic. It is quite natural that you have lost your point. make sure to add it. This is your post, not a copy post. Make it yours. You can always share how you make a post in the comments. I will be waiting for your comment.

VI. Rewrite it

Rewrite it, Rewrite it, rewrite it. Yes again and again. Until and unless you know that you have written a perfect post. What I usually do is after completing a post I read it a minimum of three times and make the changes every time. When you read it again and again you are sure to see many faults. There may be a point you could have written better, a grammatical mistake, a spelling mistake, a misunderstood line. I am sure you will find many small and big mistakes in the post every time you read it

The process of rewriting and reading, again and again, teaches us that there is always room for self-improvement. this process will not end. After say a year or so when your page is not getting and more views at that time you have to come and make the changes that are needed and that rewrite this post again. Yes after a year. This will not only increase your readers but will optimize your page for SEO.

VII. Review It

Now your post is ready. I usually read my post and I prefer that a friend or family member read the post before I post it online. First, read it yourself the final draft and then make a family or friend read it. You get the other eye perspective from that. What does he/she think? is it a good post. Is it helping him/her? Am i providing the solution to the problem I was trying to provide?

Try to find someone who has a working knowledge of your field. So that he/she can provide the reader’s point of view. And ask for their honest opinion. Ask them that they don’t have to worry about your feeling. they are helping you to be better than what you are. they are helping you improve and for that, they have to be honest. Believe me that would help.

VIII. Post It

Post it on your blog your Facebook page, your Instagram account, your Twitter account, LinkedIn, everywhere. Let everybody know that you have completed a masterpiece. Share it with your email list. Let the world know that your new post is ready and out online for them to read and review.

Our main objective is to get the maximum number of eyes on the blog. Now you must be clear on how to create new content, but it is not the end. We have one last and most important test remaining.

IX. Analyze-it

The analysis is the main part of blogging. You have to analyze every action you do in blogging. Are people loving what you have written? How long are they staying on the post? Are they reading the complete post or not. If your post reading time is about five minutes how many people were on that page for that long. Analyze every part of the post. Ask people to comment at the bottom of the post to leave their reviews. At the end of the post try to communicate with the people. Ask them to tell you what they didn’t link in your post.

Readers’ reviews are the best way to improve yourself. if your readers are not leaving a review try to understand why? You can always go back to the top boggers page and see what reviews he had got and try to understand why are you not getting those reviews. What are the mistakes you have done? Try to compare your post with that of your competitor.


These are my 9 tips on how to create new content. You can always suggest what you like me to write next? I am always eager to hear it from you. I hope that this post will help you create new and updated content every day. Let’s talk and help each other improve. If you are facing any problem in any part of blogging I am here to help. You can always leave a comment or contact me from the contact us page. I will be happy to help. Happy Blogging