Think What you want, write what you want and then achieve what you want(Goals).

Hi, My name is Vinayak Sobti and today we are going to discuss how to set and achieve your goals.

Goals are very crucial in life, work, or personal life. We can achieve any goal but there is a way on how to set a goal. People normally set their goals without thinking. One should set his goal considering the resources and the time he has.

I usually follow a 7 Step Process to get and Device my stategy to achive my small and long term Goals. And today i am going to share my process with you so that you can achieve each and every goal in your life.


  1. What you Desire?
  2. Know your Priorities
  3. Actual not Assumed
  4. Now pen your Goal
  5. Discover other ways.
  6. Now Plan
  7. Know where are you

What you Desire?

You must always be clear what you need? A goal is something that is a hidden desire in your heart. Well, but I am here talking about achievable desires. I want to write a 1000 new blog posts by the end of this month. This is an unachievable goal that I know that I cannot achieve.

I want to write 1000 new posts in a year from now is a achievable goal. Yes it is achievable. How, you may be thinking. Lets try and understand it.

1000 posts a month means 1000/12 posts a month i.e. about 83 or 84 posts a month. This means 84/30 posts i.e. 2-3 posts a day. Now that is achievable if I am willing to invest my full time on writing.

Know your Priorities

When setting your goals, you should always keep your priorities in mind. Now if I want to write 2-3 posts a day I have to research data, do keyword research and organize my material and then get on with typing my post. So normally one post, if dedicatedly focused, takes a minimum of 4 hours.

So to write 2-3 posts a day, I need to leave everything, my job, my family life. No, I cannot do that. I love my family and I have to work. So before you set your goal you have to know your priorities and calculate all the resources you can provide to your goal.

Actual Not Assumed

You should always plan your goals on the actual data. The biggest reason the goals are not achieved is that we set our goals on assumed data and not on actual data. if we are making goals for the sales or visitors to your site you have to make goals from the actual data, not from assumed data. Like, suppose u had approx 50 visitors per day a month ago and now you have 60 visitors per day that would mean you have achieved an increase of 20 percent.

Now how have you achieved this goal? Maybe you were posting regularly, or one of your posts got viral or maybe any other reason. Know the reason for that. Which page is getting maximum visitors. You have many tools for that like Google analytics. Do your research and then plan your goal from all that data.

You should always consider all the parameters when collecting your data. There might be a drop in your visitors on the page again why and how. you need to answer all the questions and with reason.

Now pen your Goal

You can never achieve your goal until you have penned your goals. Now, why do you need to pen your goal? When you pen your goals you keep them in front of yourself. Somewhere you can see them again and again. This will act as a motivation for you to work without getting tired. Your goals, when written in front of you will make you feel that you have to do one or the other thing to achieve your goal. You have to achieve your goal in any way possible.

These penned goals help you find new ways to achieve your goals beforehand. The main purpose of writing the goals that you have to achieve before the time ends. When writing your goal, you not only write what you want to achieve, make it time-bound that you have to achieve that in the given period. Now you know that you have to complete a piece of work in the given time. Now when these goals of yours flash in front of you, again and again, you will never miss an opportunity when you get to achieve your goal beforehand.

Writing your goals puts your goals on the top shelf of your mind. See those goals off your help you to think of them again and again. It will only train your mind to find new ways to complete your goals at the earliest.

Discover New Ways

Now as discussed I am sure you have penned your goal. you have made your goals keeping in mind the available resources. You have surely given your goals a fixed time to achieve.

Now what to do next. Now you have to try and achieve your goal before time. This is what is Growth. Now you have already added all your available resources while finalizing your goal. Now you have the challenge to find new ways, alternate ways that will create alternate resources so that you can achieve a goal before time.

Suppose you planned to buy an asset for say Rs.10 Lac. Now you want to buy this property in one year so you want to save approx. Rs.2800 daily to achieve this goal. Now suppose you are a salesman who save Rs. 500 / sale. Now you have to make approx 5-6 daily extra sales.

Now we have covered that. we are determined to achieve that target. But there is no reason why you can’t make a cross-sale or upsell your product to increase your income. You can make a bundle of your product with another to make some extra income. Like French Fries with coke.

This something new, something different may help you achieve your goal before time which is sure not a bad thing.

Now Plan

Now when you have your goals on paper, your time limit with actual data, with alternate methods to apply to reach your goal. Now, this is the time when you plan. Now plan with what you have.

Plan for the best and prepare yourself for the worst. Take into consideration all your data but always remember that data is your past and you are planning your future. Your data will only tell you what and how you have achieved in your past. It will not tell what you can achieve in your future.

The past is long gone and the future is about to come. I cannot stress it enough. The past does not define you. In the past, you may have failed but with proper planning, the future can change as long as you keep in mind that you have to keep your goals in mind and make plans for the future.

Planning is the first step to success. Without planning you can never achieve your goal.

Know where you are.

Now you are on your way to success. With a perfect plan in your hand. But there is one more thing. At any time you should know where you are. How much of that goal is achieved? Will you be able to achieve the goal in time or will you be late?

You have to always keep track of your progress. This is because if there is a fault in your plan if you are misdirected or it seems that you will not be able to achieve your goal then you can come back on track in time.

You can do this only if you have been tracking your progress. Knowing your goals, planning, collecting data is a few days jobs but keeping track of where you are to achieve your goal is the hardest, the most important, and the most time-consuming part.


I fell that everything must be done in an order to achieve what you want. Achieving a goal is not a hard thing when it is made from your true desires, planed with actual data, and given your full effort. I would like to know about your goals. Please comment below your innermost desires which you have not yet started planning for.