13 Free SEO Tools list is a list of SEO tools that are most essential to help all new and upcoming bloggers with there careers.

Hi, my name is Vinayak Sobti and today we are going to talk about free helpful SEO tools.

Let’s first talk about what is SEO. SEO is a process to optimize your website in such a manner that it gets some authority. That authority helps you get a higher position on SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

At different stages of SEO, we come in need of different tools that help us with the process.

These tools can be very expensive to use and some can be out of the price range of new bloggers. So today we are here with a list of top used FREE SEO tools. If you want a complete Guide to SEO then read this guide

1. Google analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google helps us at every stage in SEO by providing different free tools. This is my favorite Google SEO tool. With the help of Google analytics, you get all the necessary analytics for your site.

This tool helps you see where your traffic is coming from. Is it organic, paid, or social? What devices are your audience using, what time do they come online, where are they from?

All these questions are answered by them. We can know which post or page is doing better and which is not giving the performance which you were expecting.

It also gives you the demographic of your audience which again helps you understand where your posts are being liked the most.

Google analytic s is the most rewarding tool provided by Google.

2. Google Search Console

This is again a free tool offered by, as the name suggest, Google. This tools has many exciting and useful features. I use this tool to be most helpful when we have to crawl our sites.

Usually Google crawls ur sites automatically but when it does not you can go to Google Search Console and get indexed yourself. Now if you are wondering why would Google not crawl us automatically, Click the link to read more about how Google does it searches and how it views your site.

You can also use Google Search Console to crawl those posts or pages which are recently created and are not showing on Google. You can help Google index those content.

Google search console helps link your sitemap with Google which tells Google the structure of your website or blog. This also helps in. Updating the new content on Google.

Google Search Console also helps to monitor the traffic coming to your site. This tool helps you know how much organic traffic is coming towards you. It also helps you know which query helps you rank higher and how much traffic is coming to your site through which query.

With the help of Google Search Console, we can also find a few more things about your site as if our site is mobile friendly. Is there any issue with our site? If there is some indexing problem and how can we solve it through reindexing of the content.

These are the few features of Google Search Console and it is by far the only tool providing such features. This is one must use SEO Tool provided by Google.

3. Yoast SEO WP Plugin

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin. I personally consider it one of the most useful SEO tools. As WordPress is covering more than 35% of the internet, this plugin gains its importance.

This tool is available in both free and premium versions. If you could afford a premium version then it’s great otherwise free version will do for now.

Yoast SEO offers many remarkable features. The most rewarding feature is that it will tell you whether your created content is SEO ready or not. Whether you have used the focus keyword enough times in the post. And it will also tell you whether you have used the focus keyword more than necessary times. This feature helps you keep the keyword used to the required number of times.

Yoast SEO also helps to know about the duplicate content on your website. It keeps a check on the content you are creating. This plugin also helps you keep a clean permalink and checks if you have a duplicate URL on your site.

This Plugin is great but there are additional features that it generates a sitemap of your site and keeps a check with Google for any recent updates or changes in your site or blog.

And these are the features that are being offered in the free version. We are not talking about the premium version.

4. Google Page Speed

Page speed has a lot of importance in Google ranking. A website with lower page speed will always have less number of members on it. Google page speed not only tells the page speed of your website on a desktop PC but also tells you about the Pages peed in the mobile device.

This tool will not only help you in telling you the page speed of your website but will also help you with all the points on how you could improve the speed of your site/ blog.

Google when ranks you takes into consideration the speed of the mobile version of your blog. So don’t forget to check the speed of your mobile site. And if you are using different sites for your mobile then make sure Google knows it or it will consider it a Duplicate content of your site and there may be some problems for you.

Google Page Speed Insight is a free Google Tool which will not only tell you the speed of your website but will also tell you all the points where you can improve the speed.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends

Many people get confused between Google Keyword Planner and Google trends. Google trends is another Google gem which Google has given out for free. Google trends help you find the popularity of the product. Whereas the Keyword planner tells the search volume data of a keyword.

Google trends take all the searches made in Google and rank the popularity of different Keywords according to demographics. In this process, Google eliminates the same search made by a single person over a short period of time just to make it more clear.

Google trends help us understand the upcoming brands, Business, and other important things that people are talking about. It is great for people who have a seasonal product and have to encash in a limited period of time.

Google trends were not specifically made for SEO purpose but it is doing wonders in the field. There is no other tool in the market that could give so clear view on what is trending nowadays.

6. Answer the Public

Answer The public
Answer The public

Answerthepublic.com is a great tool that you will surely fall in love with. Answer the public takes a keyword and distributes it in the what, How, who stages which can only be explained in the form of clouds.

It creates these clouds from the data collected from Google and Bing. Answer the public makes different slots of the question which were asked by the real people. These statements are made directly by your audience. With the help of this tool, you can get a pretty good idea about what your customer is looking for and what type of language he is speaking.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest - Best Keyword Suggest

It is Neil Patel’s Gift to the world. A lot of features are there in It has a free version. The keyword search is hard. And if you want to do some serious research than you have to spend some money on it. But that was before Ubersuggest.

Now with Ubersuggest, you don’t have to worry about it. It is a serious Keyword research tool. It gives you a keyword overview in which it shows the keyword difficulty, Search Volume, Paid Difficulty, and an avg cost per click. Other than that this tool also gives you a keyword suggestion and content suggestion.

I like the content suggest part the best. Over here it shows the google SEPR for the keyword and shows you the top ten contents written o the topic.

This tool also helps you examine any site for the top keywords that are giving traffic to that site. The basic idea is that you scan your opponent’s website to see what is bring the organic traffic to his site and write content that provides more value than the content he has written.

This tool is in the neck to neck competition with Answer The Public. If I have to say I would say that ubersuggest is better but what are your views on that please comment below.

8. Google My Business

Google My Business - Best Tool For Local Businesses
Google My Business

This tool is great for any local business. Once you register on Google My Business you will start coming in google search results for any local query.

Whenever we make a search in google, they scan the scan for demographics first. Like if I search for Restaurants Near me then it will show me the restaurants that are near me after checking my demographics. Now only the restaurants that are registered on Google My Business will be shown in the result.

So my suggestion is if you have a local business register yourself on Google My Business.

9. hunter.io

Hunter.io - Best SEO Tool to Find Emails
Hunter.io – Best SEO Tool to Find Emails

Hunter is a great tool. hunter.io is used to get the email id of the people by scanning their sites. Suppose you have a product and have someone who can be your client. But you do not have the contact information for the client. what do you do?

You go to hunter.io and use the tool to scan the site of your client and get all the email ids on the website. This is an amazing tool that works on any website or LinkedIn profile. once you start using this tool contacting someone will be a piece of cake as far as it is about getting the email ids of the client

10. MozBar

MOZBAR Chrome Extension

It is an all in one tool by MOZ. You open a site and it checks the Domain Authority and Page Analysis of the site. Even when you are on SERP it shows you a review of each site below it.

Mozbar is a chrome extension and is available on Mozilla Firefox. It is available on Gooogle Toolbar or Mozilla Firefox Extension bar. it is available for both a free version and a premium version. With the premium version giving a few extra features.

Mozbar is a great Seo tool which helps you to get a deeper analysis of the site you are opening. If you can afford a pro version then you can get see the keyword difficulty for the given keyword also.

11. Screaming Frog.

Desktop SEO App - Screaming Frog
Desktop SEO App – Screaming Frog

This is a desktop tool. It is a website crawler that will help you to monitor the technical and On-Page SEO of the website. with the free version, you can scan up to 500 sites. It crawls images, CSS, scripts, links, and apps from the SEO perspective.

The screaming frog is designed to find problems. Once it starts scanning your website it scans for and SEO perspective problems on the page. It is a favorite tool for many digital marketers as helps them find problems on a website without any delay.


Best WP SEO Plugin
Word Press Plugin SMUSH

Smush is a WordPress plugin that will help you resize, optimize, and compress all the images on your website without compromising on the quality of the images.

The Smush again comes in a free and premium version. According to them, the premium version does a better job of optimizing the images. But as far as I am concerned I am using a Free version of the plugin. Smush can resize 50 images at a time that are already uploaded on your website.

You can click the resume button to optimize the next batch of 50 images. This will optimize your images which will decrease your page load speed time and hence SEO your site.

13. Google

Best SEO Tool - Google
Best SEO Tool – Google

Yes, Google is a great SEO tool. I see it as the most effective SEO tools. It can help in different parts of the SEO. You can use google as the keyword finder with the help of google keyword suggest. You can also use Google to find sites which will allow you to guest post.

With Google, there is no limit to what you can achieve as this tool can help you to the limit of your imagination. How do you use google to improve your SEO. tell in the comments.


people consider SEO as a great deal but it is the easiest when you know what and how to do it. these tools listed in this post are great and will help you to improve your SEO. how did you improve your SEO and what tools do you use. Comment below. Eager to study your comments.